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Scout uniforms


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I found a girl scout uniform at Mod the Sims but I would like a boy scout uniform as well for my Sims 2 game, if anyone could make it for me? I have searched the internet, but have yet to find one, but if someone has a link that would be fine too. Custom content mesh is fine too. I could try my hand at it, but frankly I am not that good at bodyshop...


I have been playing it where an adult/elder, family oriented with nature hobby enthusiasm has a group (under manage groups on the phone) of children called scouts and takes the kids fishing and camping. I am planning on using Nixnivis' kids pottery table for a scouting activity too.  But I would really like them to have appropriate uniforms for the occasion. Right now, they are using those awful athletic wear that comes in game. At least it matches. :/


So if anyone could please PLEASE make it for me, it would be great! I don't particularly have a problem with it being a cub scout one instead of a boy scout one. 

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This is a first for me, so if you don't like it I won't be offended.1_zpsogybqsn6.jpg


It doesn't need a mesh as I made it using a Maxis outfit.

I searched for a Boy Scout outfit for Sims boys and couldn't find one either. Alas I do not know how to make meshes so this is a copy and paste effort with images from the web.

I am serious, if you do not like this, it will NOT offend me. I had a real problem finding a proper shirt and then pasting that image where it needed to be pasted. I just couldn't find a shirt like I had pictured in my mind from when my brother was in the Boy Scouts.


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Gayars, I am happy that you like them. I keep thinking if I search a bit more I can find a better image. Once things calm down a bit here I will post these in the downloads section, I just put them here so Gayars would see them and decide if she wanted them.

We are only home for a wee bit and then back to Dave's dad we go.

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