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How to add a Slot

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Warning: be sure to backup your file, the cres section can break your package.

Select the cres section of your package, then select the tab Edit Blocks, and use the drop down menu to find cObjectGraphMode (note: it is the only option with lots of 0's after it.) :) 


Select it and the click the Add button, then be sure to click the commit button.  Note the line number of your new node (mine is 0x07)


Now click the CRES Heirarchie tab, I would add the new slot to 0x4 Pratcticale babytable so click on that.  Then click the cObjectGraphNode tab.

We want to add our new node under child node so click on the line and then click add then change the child index to the line number you took note of mine is 0x07).  Click commit!


Now click anywhere else in your package and open a section.  This will refresh the cres area.  Go back to the cres area and click the CRES Heirarchie tab.  You should see your new node.  Click on it.  


This is where you will set your XYZ settings for the placement of your object.  Click the cObjectGraphNode tab.


We need to name our slot, empty the box under filename and replace it with slot_0, or whatever you want to call yours.  Be sure to commit your changes.


Now we need to add this exact same name to our Bone file in the txt area.  Commit your changes and save your file.  Note:  the line number is 0x001.


Now go to the SLOT section of your package.  We need to add our new slot to this area and tell it which type of slot we want to use.


The last line is the line I added as a container type 13, I do not know what all these numbers stand for except that 13 allows for multiple items to be placed in one spot and the last 2 are for the location of your bone in the bone file which was 1 and the last number is just a sequence number of how many lines you have.  I see line 2 is missing and I do not know why.


Now let's go do the hard part, (at least for me it is) go back to your cres section and find your new slot.  You can find it by using the drop-down list, called block list:  It should be the last one in the list.  Select it to open up the section where we will enter our XYZ settings.  Z setting is the up and down setting, X is from right to left, and Y if front to back.


My first guess is z1.5, x -.5 and y .5


As you can see that setting was way off.  You have to just use trial and error to get to the right settings.  The rabbit is off to the right and too far forward.


Note each time you change the cres setting you must delete the item on your lot and replace it with a new copy.  The cres only updates when you purchase a new item.

Good luck, but at least the slot worked! :)

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