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New family member and Happy B-day Buddy!


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Meet our new kitty..Mama-Mia, well she is used to the name 'Mama', but since I'm already the "Mama' around here, we are dropping the first part and calling her 'Mia' as soon as she gets used to it.

Last Tuesday, after looking online I finally took the plunge and adopted her from our local shelter. She is such a sweetie! Last night She slept in my arms with her little paw stretched over my neck..every so often she would 'pet' my face. I've never had a pet pet me before, lol!

She uses her litter box and is really enjoying her cat tree and toys galore!

kitty 2.JPG

And the best part...

The dogs love her!

It's weird but she acts like she's always been a part of our family...This was an answer to prayer for me after almost three years..ever since I got sick, I really wanted a small cuddly cat to snuggle and she is the cuddliest little thing I've ever met! 


Today was Buddy's seventh Birthday!


You can really tell that he hates to be outside for very long in this picture

He also got his teeth professionally cleaned a couple weeks ago, which is something I always wished I had done for Sasha when she was his age. She is not heart healthy enough to go through it now at age thirteen and a half. 

Mia is two years old, and her time at the shelter was running out. She and Sasha are the only animals I've ever adopted from the shelter, and Sasha has always been such a good dog..it's been thirteen years since I walked into that place and I have always said I would adopt a shelter pet again if The good Lord kept me here for a while longer..and he obviously has!

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You are now officially my hero. :icon_hug:  We went to the shelter several times before we got Jake, but they didn't have small dogs and our house is way to small for a bigger dog. Oddly all our cats came from other people or they were strays we took in. I believe Mia knows she is in her forever home. I truly believe that God sends these pets to us because he knows we need them and they need us. 

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Mia has officially taken over the house!

What I forgot to mention earlier is that I didn't tell Jeff I was going to the shelter to get her..so when he got home that day I had Mia in the bathroom, and made sure there was a good meal cooking on the stove when he came home..(also to help cover up any new *kitty scents*) and even Buddy and Sasha played along (they seemed to actually forget all about the new kitty who was nowmaking her bed atop Jeff's laundry basket in the bathroom where he keeps his work clothes)..The only real glitch in my covert plan occurred on the transport home with Mia in her carrier next to me in my van..It turned out Jeff was working in his grader on the road home from the shelter, :hmm:  and I was wondering if he would look down and see the hot pink pet carrier in the seat as I tried to discreetly pass by where he was working..Luckily he was facing away from me as I passed, and he was distracting by a truck dumping some dirt for him...:whew:

So by the time he got home I had managed to set up the litter box, put away the food and toys etc..and had to tuck my half-assembled cat tree into my bedroom out of sight.

It all went very smoothly..until when Buddy finished his normal greeting Daddy after work routine, and started running around excitedly looking for the kitty..so I told Bud to show Daddy what he found in the bathroom, and Jeff followed him into the bathroom where he discovered a very content purring Mia nestled into his clean clothes atop the dryer!

It turns out Mia not only loves to cuddle in Jeff's clothes, but she loves to cuddle on the man himself every chance she gets!

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Yep, that cat is a smarty-pants..and I am on a learning curve with kitties..:police: How do I type on this keyboard with a cat sitting partially on me and on it?

I keep getting the message on the screen k,.......... <That was actually what she just typed! :ROLF:

Oh, and can you get electrocuted by a cat chomping the cord to earphones? :blush: 

Anybody know a good deal to buy new earphones?

Never mind, the phones are OK..She just rubbed on the cord with her face!

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