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6 days ago my wonderful, amazing and much loved husband thought he sprained his ankle when he went over on it. He was on a job site, out of town and couldn't have it checked out, He wasn't due to return home until a few days later.

Today he finally had it x-rayed. The conversation with the Dr went as follows;


Dr: Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Dave: The good news

Dr: Well you're walking pretty good

Dave: OK, what's the bad news?

Dr: You're walking on a broken foot

Dave: WHAT??? :thud:

Dr: You are the healthiest person I have ever seen, walking on a broken foot. :slapLaugh:


For the last 6 days he has been walking on a broken foot.....who does that? :shocked:

He has to wear an air boot for the next 3 weeks and then go and have it x-rayed to see if he is making progress with the healing.


I swear my eyes near popped out of my head when he told me. 😵



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