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6 days ago my wonderful, amazing and much loved husband thought he sprained his ankle when he went over on it. He was on a job site, out of town and couldn't have it checked out, He wasn't due to return home until a few days later.

Today he finally had it x-rayed. The conversation with the Dr went as follows;


Dr: Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Dave: The good news

Dr: Well you're walking pretty good

Dave: OK, what's the bad news?

Dr: You're walking on a broken foot

Dave: WHAT??? :thud:

Dr: You are the healthiest person I have ever seen, walking on a broken foot. :slapLaugh:


For the last 6 days he has been walking on a broken foot.....who does that? :shocked:

He has to wear an air boot for the next 3 weeks and then go and have it x-rayed to see if he is making progress with the healing.


I swear my eyes near popped out of my head when he told me. 😵



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Wow! He must be the toughest guy I've ever heard of! Most men would have used something like that and even smaller injuries as an excuse not to do their work! You realy have to celebrate Dave! 

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