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Requested: A chicken coop to protect your chickens from the snow and other weather conditions

Guest BillySIMS139

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Guest BillySIMS139

My absolute favorite of your creations are the "chickens"!  I feel sorry for them when they get covered in snow; only able to see the chicks when they are sleeping and the Zs are above their heads or I run the highlight cursor over the snow to find them.  I'd love it if you would make a chicken coop for them that would allow them to roost, lay eggs as usual but keep the snow and rain off of them.  If the sims walks through it that would be okay by me.  I'd be grateful for whatever you create.  At the moment I'm using the pig shelter from Sunni's "Whole Hog 2.0" set.  It looks good but the snow still covers the chicks.  LOL

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