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As we reflect on the Resurrection of Jesus, let’s take some time to praise Him and ask for even more of His Presence in our lives! Here’s a simple Easter prayer you can reflect on:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the gift of eternal salvation that we get to celebrate on Easter morning. Your love is so great! Come close to me and renew my mind to let go of everything I’ve held on to that hinders me and entangles me. I ask you to draw near to me as I draw near to you and purify my heart.

Thank you for being the example of mercy when you ministered to and saved a thief while you suffered your own death. Your love covers a multitude of sins! I repent of my sins and ask you to cover me with your love and help me love others deeply.

Help me to forgive those who have offended me and give me the courage to bless my enemies.

Thank you for the anchoring of peace the Cross gives us. When difficult times find me, help me keep my eyes on you. Help me calm and quiet my soul so I can find full contentment in You alone.

Thank you for the promise of joy and the restoration to the Father through the work of the Cross. Let me remember to take active steps in rejoicing together in fellowship with family and friends. May we never forget the good works You have done in our lives.

I praise you that you are the gift of HOPE. Nothing can separate me from your love for not even death could do it. I love you, Jesus!



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