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Simply Living in Sims 4


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I spent quite sometime yesterday looking for a new mod to override the need for Sims to have the ingredients to make any recipe.  I've always used one by Scarlett she writes or did write the ts4scripts and I've never learned how to do those.  There are over 1800 different recipes in the sims game and only 1000 will come up when I do the search for their xml files.  So creating one of my own is out of the question.  I had figured Scarlett's mod is outdated since the new update.  She is now retired.  My new Sims could not make any food, I had to have her order some.  Well this just really bugged me.  I finally found out that the Simply Living lot challenge overrides any mod and forces the Sims to have the ingredients.  I couldn't even purchase the things needed to cook anything either.  I believe she had one choice, that was after the groceries were delivered.  I am so grateful someone posted something telling about this Simply Living challenge for the lots.  :shocked:



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