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How To Clean Up Lots To Upload With Sims Included.

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The reason it is unsafe to install occupied lots, is due to the Sims memories, relationships, etc.  This is a tutorial on how to clean all of the bad things out to make your occupied lots safe for others to use.
This is quite a long process, but it is worth it.
First you must have a clean copy of the game to work with and of course a packaged lot including Sims.  Please see my tutorial on how to create a clean copy of the game by clicking here.
Now you need "Sims2pack clean installer" found by clicking here.
Open your lot with Sims2pack clean installer and maximize your window.
Click on the bar where it says Type to sort the items by their type.
Scroll down and find the package ghost and packaged sims data and be sure to untick all of these two types.  You do not want to have multiple ghost files, and the sims data are where relationships are stored.
Next look for items that you know should not be included.  Example the corrupt mailbox and trash can textures, and mailbox/trashcan objects.  You really should only have one of each of these in your downloads folder, if you really want to use them.  Untick all items you know are bad also, watch for bad skins, and untick all items that have a red or pink line, unless you know they are required items.
Once you have removed all of the garbage, click the save as button and save it on your desktop or someplace it can easily be retrieved.
Now you need HoodChecker - Neighborhood Corruption Detector by Mootilda, click here.


Before you install your lot, lets clean up the garbage EA left in the neighborhood that you want to place your lot.  I'm using Belladonna Cove for this example.  You will be shocked at how much garbage EA left in this neighborhood.


Click all of the defaults (unless you  wish to clean a different neighborhood) until you see this screen, then click the remove option.  (This will remove a lot of garbage, but unfortunately it does not remove a few items.




The option about a backup is not something we need to worry about as this is a clean neighborhood, so please click the yes button.




Next click the Finish button.




Select a lot to use as a default graveyard.




It will do the process and takes a few minutes.  A very long list of all the things that were fixed will appear.  I won't list it as it is very lengthy.  I will add a txt file of the list if anyone wishes to see it.


Now we are ready to install our lot into the cleaned game.  Once you have it installed, start your game and place your lot somewhere within the neighborhood you cleaned up.




Now using Simpe's found by clicking here.


Select Tools/Neighborhood/Neighborhood Browser.




Select the neighborhood that you placed your lot, and click the open button.  This may take quite sometime to fully load.




Once it is fully loaded select Tools/Neighborhood/Sim Browser.  




Click on the Name bar to sort the Sims alphabetically by their first name.




Now scroll down and find the Sims that was included in your lot.  Once you find the correct Sims select it and click the open button (lower right hand corner.)




Now click the more option then the open memories.






Select all of the memories, scroll to the side to be sure your get them all.  You can leave job promotions, and some types of food.  If you are unsure just remove them all.






Once you have them all selected click the remove option then commit and save your changes.






To be safe run the Hood Checker to be sure you do not have any errors related to your new Sims.  For the Belladonna Cove Neighborhood you should only have the following errors.




I also, recommend that you get ffsdebugger found here, then use all of the memory fix options and nuke options.


Now you must go in game and repackage your cleaned lot, which should now be safe to upload.


I want to thank Nonni for telling me about the hood checker program, it really saved me a lot of work, and BBdoll3 for her lot used in this tutorial.

Belladonna Cove Errors.zip

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I did not know how easy it is to remove memories.

If your neighborhood will load, it is relatively easy.  Simpe often crashes trying to get into the neighborhoods, usually it is due to a corrupt file in your download folder.  At any rate, if your Sims has a memory you don't want them to have, you can use this to remove it.  (Just the Simpe portion of this tutorial.)

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Thanks Nonni, I haven't used any plants in Sims 2 for quite awhile.  You are very welcome Alet, it was actually Nonni that found this program.  I really hope your game runs better after you clean them up.

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As a rule when I build lots I always keep a clean copy, and I test a clone. I have  a separate build & test hood where I build and test new objects. I rarely download lots because many have been played and are not clean. However when I do find a lot that I want to take a look at I install it in my test hood.  I have almost every Sim that I have ever created and Sims born in-game. I export them from the game with simpe into bodyshop - I then clone them and package them. They are stored on a usb flash drive. Since I only play custom hoods I can recycle Sims, either play the same character in a different hood or give them a new skintone, change their hair and make-up and I have a new Sim.

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