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The Many Faces Of Edorenel.


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Greetings, fellow simmers!  :Sunshine:

Some of you might know me as Edorenel, a wee creator of CCs for TS2 and TS3 but, most notably, as an author/writer/novelist--whichever you prefer.  :wink:  Edorenel has been my only pen name for any games I play, for a few of the online sites I joined, and for writing. My real name is Lorene Aurelia Holderfield...and these are photos of me--the many faces of--dun! dun! dun!!!--Edorenel. Mwahahahaha!  :008: Enjoy~







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Aye, that I did. It is still quite hard. Very hard... The hurt is still fresh. This Thursday will mark the 1st anniversary of my mother's death...but...I will fight to make it a happy one that will honor and remember all the wondrous memories of her and all the love that she gave. I wouldn't have became the strong woman I am today, if it were not for her lessons and advices. I value them. :)


Aside from trying to adjust to sudden, emotional changes in life, I've been busy with two very busy jobs, which I enjoy doing. So, sadly, I have not found time to create things, play, or write as much as I would love to. Till now. I managed to find some time, at last. :wink:  Hee, hee!

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Wow, Lorene, you are really pretty. :smiley:

I could not believe you're actually 25 years old. You look like you are 17, or younger.

So sorry for your loss, but you will always have great memories with her in your heart, Lorene, which you will never forget.

I know. Is hurting to see your dear ones dead. My father died when I was 2 years old, and my father's parents (my grandparents) died 5 years ago.

May God bless her in Heaven!

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