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Misty Napping

Mission Mouse

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My cat slept on the desk once. But when I started to play TS2 and turned the volume to loud, the cat woken up and she did go to sleep on my bed. Then I screamed at her. She did go to sleep on my chair. I took her down, carefully. She did go back to the desk. And eaten the cake that was on it. Or, used it as a pillow... :ROLF:

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Misty is my $1000.00 cat. When she was a kitten still, she wound herself between my feet while I was in the basement carrying a laundry basket. Needless to say, I tripped and she went flying. Couldn't find her for a few days. When she finally reappeared she seemed ok. I had no idea she was not ok, she never gave any indications otherwise.

But she remained small and that worried me. Then when she was about 8 months I was watching her eat and I noticed something horrible. She had a devil of a time getting the food in her mouth. We called the vet and went racing in. After a very thorough examination the vet couldn't even get a pencil in Misty's mouth, so x-rays were taken. That terrible fall I had, when she went flying....I broke her jaw. We had to make a decision, either get surgery or put her down. A hairball could kill her. Obviously we opted for the surgery, but we were so not prepared. We had to take her to the Vet college in Guelph. We thought that they would just examine her and then make an appointment for the surgery, well they did examine her, and then they took her right in for the surgery. We had to go home without her. I cried and cried, I felt so terrible.

A week later they call and we can pick her up...meanwhile I was calling them every day to ask about her. I probably drove them nuts.

We arrive to pick her up and they give us the bill, $1000.00, can you say "SHOCKING"? :shocked:


Dave calmly took out his credit card and quietly paid the bill. (Love that man)

He has never given me any grief about that money and never blamed me for what happened. All he ever said was "accidents happen".


But the worst was yet to come, yeah it got worse. I had to manipulate her jaw every single hour. She screamed in pain, I cried like a baby and finally I just decided to put her in the car and drive around every 4 hours for 15 minutes. She hates being in any vehicle, so she howled and howled. But it exercised her jaw. I'm sure other drivers on the road were wondering what was going on....seeing me behind the wheel and sobbing my heart out.


Today she is fine, still a bit leary of people she doesn't know, but a very snuggly cat.

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These dogs of mine are always getting right in front of me whenever I walk (especially with something in my arms)...Especially Sasha, but they are so big that if anyone gets hurt it is always me.


That was a wonderful idea you had to drive her around in order to make her exercise her jaw...I bet she rang your ears having to listen to her yell.

Buddy is like that whenever we take him for a ride...He hates it and throws a very loud howling fit every time.  :1doh1:

My daughter's cat used to avoid touching her paws on the floor, so climbed around on the furniture and shelves etc..She did outgrow that though.

We once had a cat who was totally deaf, and would sleep on the TV...We would come home and he would be sound asleep...Nothing would wake him until we turned on the lamp...Once they pick a spot, it seems they stay with it...Maybe there is a spot of sunlight there where she lays on your desk? Or maybe she just wants to be close to you...You should be happy that she doesn't sleep on the floor where you might trip over her again!  :1doh1:

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We have a cat bed on top of the buffet and hutch, in the kitchen. She prefers to sleep there, safely out of Jake's way. I have a cat grooming brush on the desk. She took a much needed nap after her grooming session. It gets a bit crowded on the desk when one is being groomed, all of a sudden they all show up.

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Beautiful kitten! With an expensive (financially and emotionally) history. :)


Once they pick a spot, it seems they stay with it..



Yes LOL my Heidi decided my keyboard is just the place for her when I'm on my computer! I have to take her off everytime and then she'll just come back again, till I get mad and yell at her. poor Nonni heard some of that yells while we were on skype  :blush:

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