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I still don't have a name for him. Maybe someone has ideas? :ROLF:

He was born in the same month as me, just he was born on 17th of October and I was born on 25th of October. And a 12 years difference, of course. :cheesy:

I know exactly his birth date because he was born here, at my home. It's a long story. A beautiful, white with blue eyes stray cat came at us in the summer of 2013. We decided to keep her. On October, we woken up with two kittens. He is one of them. We gave his sibling to my aunt, and his mother to my grandma.

Since then, we have 2 cats.

I have a dog too, but my mom doesn't want him indoors. He stays just outdoors. :grin:

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My favourite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird". I wanted to call Jake "Scout", but that was the nickname of the little girl so Dave said no. Misty's nickname is Boo, after Boo Radley from that book.

I had a cat given to me, he was already named and I liked the name so I kept it...Morgan. It really suited him.

I name my fur babies usually after a much loved family member. Jake is named for my Grandfather, although he was a very grouchy man.... :slapLaugh:

The cats we have now, Dave ultimately decided on the names.

If we had let our friend, Pauline, name Jake, he'd be called "Cutie Patootie"  :ROLF:

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We all are, Naomi, we all are like that. (I guess)

I still have the notebook with sims names, english names, as the game is in english. :grin:

They were sorted on: family names, male names, female names. Lots and lots of names. :Whistle:

As with hoods, I made a single neighbourhood, and now I'm laughing at its name: Manelaville :ROLF:  I don't even know what that means, I had very strange names coming in my head as a little kid. :shocked:

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Wow, how we juggled the topic. From cats, to cat names, to sims names to sims and trash. :shocked:

Yeah, sims would never complain about their names, or hair, or clothing, or situation. They just do what you tell them to do.

That makes me go and play the sims. And just let the fun begin. (and make pics)

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Nothing wrong with that. Strange names go well with sims that do strange things. And live in a strange world. And talk in strange gibberish. Not like the sims would ever complain - you have to like the names.


What's the saying, " A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet."


A sim by any other name would still be strange.


Just as long as you don't call the sim late for supper, then off digging in the trash they go. Hehehe.


I love your humor, Naomi.

Yes, Stefy...we are all like that. I got impatient this morning and named a new hood Sunset Valley Times, thinking that I might do a story told as a narrative from the perspective of a news reporter.

(Yes! I am back to playing both sims 2 and 3 now!!).

Well, anyhoo...I realized that I need to develope a better method of naming my sims and hoods, so now I need to go shopping for some new notebooks!

Back to the topic...Err,  :undecided: what was the topic again?....Oh yes, the cat's name...I like Mike and I like Tio both, but I would call him either 'Polar Bear', or 'Alaska'....or maybe 'Sir Moonbeam'. 

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