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Warning: All mods change the game. 


By posting this list, Affinity does not guarantee that these mods won't crash your game. 



Become an author ... without a computer This mod allows you to write a novel without using a computer. Great for your historic hoods, or generally poor authors who can't yet afford to buy a computer


Cash Register Trainer (Global Mod version): Your sims can practice with the cash register, to gain skills without losing customers


Holy Bible with Custom Praying AnimationsThis is a Bible for praying. Found under Deco/Sculptures for $1. Sims will start praying from whereever they are;  they do gain fun while praying, new version gives social and comfort.


InSimenator: Please note this is not supported and will not be updated.  It's compatible up to and including the M&G Stuff Pack.


 Interactive Bulletin Board Sims pray! Max most needs! A Collection of artwork, notes and photos grace this large bulletin board. Elders, Adults, Teens and Children can pray over those on the prayer list and max most their needs!


Multi-key Dorm-Doors: Sims in Dorms can give door keys to other sims 


Phae's Phone Book: This is a very special phone book. It actually does stuff! You can find one of your neighbors (any callable sim in your hood or connected subhoods) and add them to your relationship panel. You can then go give them a call if you want. Very helpful, when you want to meet someone special, or need some more friends.


"Put your homework away properly!"This object is a desk locator. You place it on a desk or table and have your Sim claim the desk via the menu on this object. Then, next time they come home from school with homework, they will put their homework on their own desk.


Sims 2 School Types: You can enroll your children on any of these, as well as the existing schools, by placing a school changer on the lot and using its menu with the child selected.   


"Shop-at-home" Hacked Coat Hook: With this Coat Hook everyone (including pregnant sims, bigfoot, witches, servos) can get clothings for free, plan outfit and change to a different outfit. 


Shoppers Respect Privacy: During opening hours of your business, sims can come and go as they please, but they will NO LONGER pass locked doors.


Sculpture ManufactoryDepending on practice level your Sims can make different sculptures and they can learn different skills: Mechanics, Creativity or Charisma.


The Sim Blender: A mod similar to the Insimenator, with a self explanatory menu.


The Sim ManipulatorThe Sim Manipulator is a mod that is similar to the Insimenator, but it is still supported.


Visitor ControllerThis mod does what it says

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