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Warning: All mods change the game. Global Mods run in the background and modify game play in all lots without player intervention.


By posting this list, Affinity does not guarantee that these mods won't crash your game. 



Apartments and Shopping, on the same Lot! This mod brings you the very few changes that are necessary in order to make it possible to have apartments and shopping on the same lot. You can now build a combo-lot, one that is residential (specifically apartments) but with a community lot flavour too. The lot will be an apartment lot when you make it, not a community lot, so you cannot send Sims to it like a community lot.


Auto Do Homework ModEvery night at 7:00PM (to give time for sims to restore their moods before doing homework) this mod will call your kids and teens to do their homework if they have homework waiting for them.


Autonomous Put Away LeftoversThis mod makes the Put Away Leftovers interaction on plates and bowls autonomous.


Door Global Mod - Doors always open into the roomDoors will always open into the room more like real life doors. Depending how you place it, if you place it backwards it will always open outward. 


Maxis Centerpiece... as Centerpiece!This mod makes nearly all Maxis small objects up to Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack to function as valid centerpieces.


Maxis Modular Stairs Passage Fix: This mod enables Sims to pass directly through under all Maxis modular stairs, just like base game Holy Smoke stairs.


More Decorative Slots for Maxis FurnitureThis mod adds decorative slots on top of many Maxis furniture, like dressers or vanity tables.


More Money For Scholarships: With this mod, your teens now have more money available to them for their college scholarships. So they can buy that dream home on campus they always wanted.


No Autonmous Digging For Visiting PetsPrevents visiting pets from autonomously digging holes on any liveable lot, Pets living on the lot will still have to be taught not to dig. Any pets on community lots will now not be allowed to dig. 


Only vehicles can use garage doors: Prevents both human Sims and pet Sims from using the electric garage door as a means to enter the garage and/or the house.


Pets and Children share BedThis is a mod that allows Pets and Children to use the bed at the same time. Pets can sleep or relax at the foot of the bed whilst the child sleeps or relaxes at the head of the bed.


"Practice" is now called "Play the Piano" on all Maxis PianosSelf explanatory


Real Life for Sims and Pets: The intent of this mod is to simulate the real life assigning a particular number of days left in the different life stages of sims and pets. The number of assigned days varies from a life stage to another and it starts from this premise: 1 year of life = 365 days.


Same energy gain for any bed

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