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A Word Of Caution Regarding Mods And Hacks

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I feel the need to add a word of caution when it comes to Mods and Hacks. I play a heavily modded and hacked game. I have over 500 mods & hacks in my game and I finally can play my game the way I like it.


Now it is a good rule of thumb to have all your mod/hacks in your DL Folder in sub-folders by creator and then placed in a folder called Mods & Hacks (or something similar). This will help you to easily locate items that may be causing you problems; also load order is often very important when it comes to mods/hacks working properly

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To me a mod is something that changes the gameplay without any intervention by the player.


A hack is what is done to an object to make it have certain features or functions. A pie menu comes up with those features.


I have "perfect gardens" in my game, to me that's a mod. I don't do anything to my gardens persay, the mod does it for me.


Then I have this hack....Power-Expresso-Sim-Cutie. I think of this as a hack because if it's in my game I can click on the coffeemake

and a pie menue comes up with options to max out certain needs or I can just max them all.


I'm a bit leery of mods and hacks and only have ones from here, MATY and Squinge. Oh wait, I have some from MTS2 but I read them all quite a few times before I got them. I like to research what people have to say before I try one.

When I do add one, I remove my downloads folder, with the exception of my "mod" and "hack" folder and see how the new addition effects my game.

I put the new one in it's own folder so if it's gonna have an adverse affect I don't have to go looking for what messed up my game.

I do run that hack detection program first, and then go in my game.


I learned the hard way to make a special folder for anything new, put it in there and then go in my game. That old, remove half your downloads, go in and see if what is causing the problem is still there, and then to keep downsizing that folder until I located the problem was so time consuming and I hated it.

When ever I finally get my desk-top back, I am going to first put in my mod and hack folders, then I am going to put in what I regularly play with and make sure everything is running as it should.

Then one at a time I am going to add in my collections. I'll know pretty darn quick if something is wrong. Well maybe not....I have over 500 collections.

But they are all sorted into themes and then I have one folder for anything that is classified as build. I have 94 build collections and they also pertain to my themes.

It's already been 2 weeks since my desk tops went in for repair. I'm getting very impatient.

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It would be nice to let Alet know if you have any suggestions for mods, with a link if possible.


I've got to be honest -  I don't really make suggestions unless someone mentions a particular behavior they want to get rid of or they want an object to function in a certain way and I know where to find it.  I chose the things I use based on behaviors that I wanted to get rid of/or allow; hacked items where chosen in the same manner. 

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All of the mods I have in my game are from a long time ago. I'm too worried that a new mod will conflict with an old one so I don't usually have an interest in getting new ones. I remember from a long time ago, everybody was going gaga for this one mod....not gonna say who made it or what it did....but I was curious.

I learned a valuable lesson. Some mods are coded to attach themselves in various areas of the game and simply removing the mod doesn't mean the mod hasn't left some of it's signature behind. The only way to remove every trace of that mod required uninstalling the game, all the expansions and stuff packs, and going into the program file and deleting the EA game folder. I wasn't the only one who had to do that either.

It takes so long to re-install all the expansion and stuff packs....I get so bored doing that.

I am still waiting for my desk-tops....I wanna play so bad. Sitting here having Pip style my hair is driving me :insane:  If I had the desk-top I could at least concentrate on the game and forget that Pip seems to think cowlicks in the hair is some kind of fashion statement. :shocked:

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