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At MTS2 you have to click on the "Themed Sets" There used to be a huge themed section for Victorian game play. It disappeared when they had that server crash. The best you can do now is just type "Victorian" in the search box. Some of the files are there, just hard to find unless you use the search box.


Page 1-Medieval-The Dark Project

Page 1-Victorian-New Centuary Big Post.

Page 1-Medieval Collection 1 and    Collection 2

Page 2- Medieval-A Midsimmer's Night's Dream


Victorian Clothing--All About Style   *click on the "Themes"

Medieval Clothing-All About Style     *as above*


Maybe go in and gather all the "Rustic Living" links in that thread.


Neighbourhood99   -some new Shabby Chic stuff and tons of recolours for all kinds of objects.


BPS has ALL the SIP files. (Sims in Paris)


SimplanX archived unfortunately many of their files are pay so one has to go to the Booty


WDS Well Dressed Sims--also some files are pay, refer to Booty


Sims2Play      archived


4esf     archived    (Have a beautiful section for "Antiques" suitable for a Victorian Theme)


This Site  He has mirrored some sims sites...


If I have posted a link I should not have...I'm sorry. I'm trying to keep to family friendly sites.


WayBackMachine  This is a tool, if you know the address of the site that has disappeared, just put in the address and see if it's been archived. Sometimes it has, sometimes it hasn't. It is not just for Sims though.


Sims2Graveyard They have some files from dead sites.


Sims Cave  They have lots of hard to find meshes and recolours and a terrific WCIF section. (Where Can I Find)



:ROLF:  Now all you have to do Alet is move these links to the new section. Sorry for the extra work. :Empathy:

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This site http://moonsims.asi.org/dh-sims-site/  has a lot of themed stuff. Click the Sims2 picture in the middle on the left side and then there is a site navigation box at the right where you can choose "objects". At the center of the page you find links to "themed sets", "set 1 and "set 2". I think you can find asian stuff directly with this link, victorian and other older times stuff with this link and classic and modern stuff with this link.

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Oh, did I have to decide that. I don't know, I just wanted to show that there are more sites with themed sets.




Sorry I didn't express myself correctly. All of you, will you please tell me what other themes do you want me to post links to. (I hope this make more sense :)


Thank you for the links Marbi :)

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*Is racking my brains*

 I don't play "Retro" but I know lots of people do. Haven't a clue where those links are though.

So far we have, Rustic, Medieval, Victorian....I remember a long time ago someone was playing Western, but I went looking and the sites that had that stuff are long gone.

oh...Egyptian, I remember there was that theme.

MTS2 has the "Flinstones", it's kinda funny.

Science Fiction...and that's about all I can think of right now.


Some telemarketing company seems to have targeted me and they call at all hours of the night and day.

For the last 3 nights the phone has been waking me up. I am so tired. :(


Edit: I just found this list, it's very, very long....and I have to go to each site and make sure they are family friendly.

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I only posted one link and then said to refer to above, meaning the link was in the sentence above what I had posted.

I'm not sure posting links to the actual items on the booty work. I've come across several and none of them worked.

There are things I would not get from there only because I'm not sure the meshes are always included, especially for clothing.

I try and find the original item first and if I can't then I use the booty.

There are also sites operating on the internet that have many of the stuff where the original site has vanished. It just takes a lot of searching and patience.

The searching I don't mind, but the patience, I need a lot of help there. :slapLaugh:

Black Pearl Sims has the "Sims in Paris" files and a section of FSF (file share friendly) that has stuff that is impossible to find elsewhere.


I also remember reading somewhere at MATY that sometimes the Booty was inaccessible because the cost to maintain the site had very little in the way of donations anymore.


Sims2Artists has a lot of SDA files (Sims Design Avenue, aka Sims Caravan)


I've come across "mirrored" sites, meaning someone copied the site and saved it and you can get the actual original downloads from the mirror site.

There will be times when we all see something in someone's pictures here and want that item and it is no longer available.


It would have been nice if when creators decided to close their sites, if they had sent their files to the Sims2 Graveyard, but many didn't and those things are gone unless someone is nice enough to share them.


I have no clue how people find these new "blogs" for Sims2. I only found some of them because I copied a list of sites from a site. :slapLaugh:


I'd say post the links on your site as long as you're comfortable with them, but for here, just send Alet a list and let her decide. That's what I did, I sent her that really, really long list of sites that I copied. I've worked my way through two sections but keep forgetting to send her the revised list I now have.

You need a very good anti-virus program for that list. Some of the sites listed have vanished or been hacked and my anti-virus program caught some that were fraud sites. The Sims site was gone and the link that was there would direct me to a site that *claimed* to be an updater for Adobe, or Java, and one even claimed to be associated with Microsoft. :ROLF:  According to those sites, my lap-top should be dead if all those things were really wrong with it.  :ROLF: 

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Thank you for all your help and all the suggestions, especially a BIG thanks to Karen, who sent me a long list of links. I really appreciate your help very much. :flowers smiley:


I'm slowly working through all the links. Slowly, because we are experiencing sand storms again, and it affects my eyes very badly. Thank you all for your patience!

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