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Before You Recolor Or Create Objects Do These Things First


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Before you start the first thing you really should do is go to your EA Games/The Sims 2 folder under your documents, rename your Downloads folder to something else. Like maybe My Downloads, or anything that will prevent Simpe from using it, because you may have global mods or bad CC that will cause simpe to not work.


You could move all of the items in your download folder to another location on your computer, if you prefer.  The main thing is you do not want everything in your downloads to load into Simpe.   If you wanted to recolor a custom item you would want that item to stay in your downloads folder.  The important thing is you do not want simpe to load all of your downloads, plus it takes longer to load, all of the items in your downloads folder.  For this example I am renaming my folder.
























Now open Simpe and click on Extra then select preferences.  















Click on System Check and Run Check to be sure simpe is finding everything.












If there is a problem you will get the information about what is missing.  I do not use CEP, as it is only needed for a few items to be recolorable.  



Now if you want to recolor those items you would need CEP installed and so would anyone who would want to use your recolor.


















You may want to check your system folders to be sure all of the expansions you hare are setup correctly.















If you don't have some installed they will be empty as I don't have Life Stories nor Pet Stories installed on this computer.












You may setup your setting as you see fit.  If you have any questions about them let me know.












The file table is were you would make changes if your wanted an item to work for say only the base game, you would have to untick all of the expansions you do not want included.  For this example I will leave all of them checked.












The other setting I don't suggest you change except the ident option, where you would need to set it up to allow you to get guid's, if you want to ever create new meshes etc.  For recolors it is not necessary.






Now your Simpe should be setup to start creating something new.   :)






Note:  If you are not going to start a new project be sure to rename your My Downloads back to Downloads.


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For me as a beginner, I will be removing my downloads folder. It would be way too overwhelming for me to try and figure out what is what in SimPE with all my downloads.


Rebeca, I just love you so much. :icon_hug:  (I'm kissing up because I know I'm gonna be a pain) :loveblow:

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Oh Karen don't worry, I want to help you and I really don't mind questions at all.  


The moving was an after though, as I did think that might be easier too, now I may not want you to do that.  


I just remembered that if you only have MSPaint to work with, I can teach you a very simple way to create paintings, but it does require CEP be installed, and the NVIDIA DDS Utility which I have a tutorial here that explains how to install that.  


The really great part about using this options is you don't have to resize any pictures, it does most of the work for you.

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I seem to have Jasc paint..  (for free, I think)   :Whistle: 


I had to laugh earlier, I was emptying out my recycle bin on the laptop and when I clicked on it, it asked if I wanted to scan it with Jasc paint.

I just sat there for a minute and asked, "Now why would I want to do that?" I still haven't figured  that one out, but it made me :slapLaugh:

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If I remember correctly it came with one of my computers, or else a scanner I used to have.  


At any rate the great thing about it is it allows you to create images of a certain size, unlike mspaint.  I will try to create a tutorial on using that to make other types of recolors.

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I did kind of find out that you can't add colours. You can play around with the gradient tool and add a shade, but then when you play around some more and add another shade, it replaces the first shade.

It's not the best paint for making bedding because you just can't get a proper contrast or match to patterns you get from the net.

I love that I know how to make bedding, but I can't honestly say that the bedding I created is something I am completely happy with.,

I'd love to have more colour options. But if that's not possible, oh well. I'd like to learn how to make layers on the bed, like a real quilt with a border.


I did find this wonderful site for raiding for pictures, and I also found the site I was looking for that features a local artist. Then I found Norman Rockwell's posters and paintings. I still want to find some Currier and Ives, I love those.


I do have a question, how difficult is it to learn how to recolour curtains?

I want to learn how to make a particular curtain pick up the bedding textures, and then Inge made this curtain I really like. She made the regular one and then the diagonal one, but only the regular one has ever had any recolours done. I'd like to learn how to make the diagonal curtain pick up the colours I have for the regular curtain.


Oh, I almost forgot, I played around in Jasc and I learned how to make the pictures I saved from my raiding quest have sharper details and look clearer.

Wow, what a difference that makes.

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