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Install Paint Studio To Recolor Paintings.


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If you haven't read my post here please do so, but you may ignore the section about renaming your downloads folder, you will need to have CEP installed and 

NVIDIA's DDS Utility installed.  I have a tutorial on were to find the DDS utility here.  CEP installation is fairly easy, but if anyone needs a tutorial I will provide one, all you have to do is ask.   :)


If you happen to have problems loading Simpe, you may want to move the files within your downloads folder, to another location on your computer.  This program does require the _EnableColorOptionsGMND.package file to be within your downloads, so I can't have you move the whole folder.  


Let's get Simpe started, and select the option Tools - Object Creation - Photo Studio




If you have never installed the plugin you will see the following;

Click the yes option and install it, your system may give you a user control needed please select yes for this also.







Select your language and then select ok




Then click next when you see the following screen.




The programmer actually give you link to CEP and the DDS utility and tells you that you need them installed.  Click next here too.




Click Next one more time.





Now click Install




Now click finish.





You now have a very easy to use tool for creating wall hanging recolors.


My next tutorial will should you how to use this tool.  I wanted to keep them separate as this should be a one time thing, once it is installed you won't need to do so again.

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