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Painting Recolor Using Mspaint And Simpe's Photo Studio


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First you need an images that you want to add to your game.  I googled painting images and did a print screen, then pasted the following into MSPaint :




Use the selection tool to select the image you want to put in your game.




Once you are happy with the selection you have selected, use the crop tool to crop out the rest of the image.




I now have the following:




Save your image as a png to a location you will be able to find easily.  




I save it to my desktop as painting.png




Start Simpe, and select the option Tools - Object Creation - Photo Studio




Click the open button to open the image we just saved (painting.png).






If all went well you should see your image, tick the preview option.

Scroll down the list of paintings and select the one your images works best in.  I choose the "Sim City at Night"




Once you are happy with your selection click the create option.




Now save your file to your EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads folder as MyFirstPaintingRecolor, or whatever you prefer to name it.  If it is something you feel you would like to post to share with others it is a good practice to name the file with your nickname like BecksFirstPaintingRecolor.




After creating the file, it will load into Simpe and you may view it, or just close it and start your game.




Be sure to remember which painting you recolored so that it is easy to find in game.  The  "Sim City at Night" image sells for $425.




I hope you found this tutorial helpful and if anything is difficult to understand please do let me know.

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Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I got it!!! I made a painting!!!

Rebeca  :icon_hug:  :image014-22:

I posted a pic of it in the section where I asked what was the easiest thing to learn to recolour.

I'm still in shock that I got it on my very first attempt.

I had your tutorial up and did it step by step, just like you said. Having that tutorial, with the pictures made it so easy to understand and follow.

This is so frustrating for me, I just can't find the words I need to tell you what this new ability means to me, or what it has done for me.

:29cw6j4_th.jpg: < these are tears of JOY! I can actually make something....I can actually contribute something to the game instead of always being the one who cruises the net and downloads all the time.

This gives me the confidence I need so badly to try and learn how to recolour other things. I know some things are going to be a challenge, but I did this, that means I can learn how to do other stuff too.

God bless you for having taken the time to make this tutorial and for your patience. :Thank_you:

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