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About My Book, Subject To Change


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This may not be the proper place to post on this subject...


I have been so encouraged by the responses to my Chronicles, I decided to share a little book I wrote.


The book has a bit of a fantasy. The heroine begins to drown, however, as she loses consciousness, God slips her into an alternate dimension. She has amnesia when she first wakes up but when she sleeps she has these 'flashbacks' of her former life.

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Where is the first Chapter   :searching smiley:   ...I read Nonni's Noodles, and I know I will want to read anything you write, Nonni...You are very gifted!

This sounds like something you will enjoy doing...I hope you continue!  :dancing smiley:  :up4:



I found the first chapter and just read it...I can't wait to read more! I'll be checking back often.  :azn:

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I was just curious Nonni, no need to change it.  Another thing that kind of struck me, what the meet after sausage, I know it was meet the table, I just wonder if another word would not work better?  Not that there is anything wrong, with it.  Just asking.

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