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Supposed To Be My Breakfast

Mission Mouse

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Oh no, I accidentally broke her jaw a long time ago, (very long story) and she can't close her mouth properly to get her tongue inside.

She always has this wee bit of her tongue sticking out now.

She can get me to do anything she wants because she knows how horribly guilty I feel.

I'm pretty sure she has forgiven me, she gives me kitty kisses.

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shame on you Karen.. :Whistle:  for breaking her nose..oh well I broke Tiffinay's nose when she was 4 weeks old didn't realize it until she was 6 mo old..she wiggled out of my arms the first time I was away from her and when I come home picked her and she fell out of my arms and hit that concrete floor nose first..she yelped for an hour..after that she has been afraid of being picked up and when I do pick her up she clings on to my arm for dear life..I feel so bad about that..

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I think she is just checking that it is OK for you to drink. :) She is a cutie.

We think she's a cutie too, thanks. she's fussy, the only human food she will eat is chicken and it has to be cut into very small pieces.

I wasn't worried at all that she'd actually try my breakfast. Now it it had been chicken, well that's a different story all together.

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