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Behaviour Constant (Bcon)


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Behaviour Constants are setting that are used in coding of the Behaviour Functions.




These are settings that do not change.  Their value is constant, within the particular items coding.  


When setting these values, you are able to use either hexadecimal or decimal values.


An example for this items is that this bookcase has a limit of 30 books.




An example of a call to a constant. 


The code on line 2 of this BHAV sends the constants values to call another BHAV.   They are called by their instance number which in this case is 1001 and then by their line number within that instance, this one happens to call all three constants.






Another constant example is Sims needs.  Energy, comfort, etc.  Needs are set as a total of 200.  100 is the highest value, while -200 is the lowest value.  


I will try to explain more about Constants when working with BHAVs.  Which will most likely be my last tutorial as it is the most difficult.







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