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Setting Prices For Custom Content


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I've always wondered how this is determined - is there a formula used? How are sale prices, and depreciation values determined. I often change prices of some items for my game - some of the items I set to increase in value over time or I raise/lower the prices. There are also some items that I don't want the value to change. I just want to make sure I'm not confusing my game; I haven't had any problems that I am aware of - but then again I wouldn't know what type of problems could arise.

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I believe the sale price has something to do with the store, and I really haven't ever tested this portion of the pricing.  I really don't use the store options myself.


I have set the depression to a negative amount, but I can't remember it that actually worked.  It may need to be changed in the BCONs, sorry I can't remember this for sure.


To eliminate depreciation I set them up similar to this:




I set all of the depreciation amounts to zero, and make depreciation limit the same as the initial price.





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That's what I do also for things that I don't want to depreciate. I've been experimenting with some painting frames making them appreciate overtime so that the painting increases in value. I've done this with other items too. I also noticed that there are several of Maxi items that appreciate over time as well - I just thought about this - I think I'm going to open them up in Simpe and take a look.

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