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I Need Proof Readers, Please


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Nonni I would love to help, unfortunately it's not something I can commit to at this time. :) Not enough free time, right now I'm at work on my break. I spend my whole day in front of a computer and sometimes it's the last thing I want to do when I get home evenings. :smiley: I am ashamed to say I haven't read it yet - but I will get to it. :smiley:

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Nonni is your avatar the Sims 4 Version of Mrs. Crumplebottom? :grin:

I know I've seen EA naming her Gladys or something. Everytime I see her she makes me laugh and I don't know why! :ROLF:

I would try my best Nonni, but I don't really like to criticize. See, I made a lot of spelling mistakes. :grin:


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Alet you are very good at this.  I do however, think the last one the am would make it present tense, was makes it past tense, but then again the Now makes it present tense.  I would drop the word Now in that sentence and leave it as.... I was losing the person that had given me.  

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