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Anyone can mesh!


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In this I'm not going to bang on and on about Simpe, DDS, Textures or Paint programs it is simply proof that you (yes you, stop looking around the room for a victim) can actually mesh.


I have no intention of talking about vertices, groups, scary shapes or polygons


I will however require the following conditions from you. 


A. I am assuming you have never touched a 3D modelling program in your life

B. Have a sense of humour

C. Can follow pictures and plain English.  


The only thing you need is THIS


Install it and run it then give me a shout cos I'm in the middle of a good book.


If you did as I said you should be now staring at something like this;




Daunting uh? Not really.


Let us jump in to the deep end right away so right click anywhere on the screen and do this;




And you will get this;




Were going to make it easier to deal with by making it smaller so follow the picture above and select "Unitize"

This will bring the cube down to the size of 1 tile.


You may have noticed that it is hovering in the middle of no where. This doesn't matter but it really irritates me so do this;




This surprisingly puts the object on the ground.


Press the space bar to cancel all selections at any time. Yes go on, press it now.


Ok now all that initial stuff is over lets play with the cube. Follow the pictures.




We now need to choose the Y co-ordinate, Y is up and down. Drag the mouse down and the face you selected should move up and down. Go on, try it. See. It does right? When you finished messing about with that check the picture below.

Click your left mouse button when you get something similar.




Now let us make it more interesting. (Press space again to cancel the selection)




Once you have the 2 edges selected right click anywhere again and select cut from the menu.

Another box will pop up and we want to left click on "Enter number" - Enter 7 and press "C" 

This will connect the vertices (dots)




If you don't have something like the above then go to the back of the class and start over. In fact take that hat with you the one with the big "D" on it and sulk in the corner for a while!


We now want to cut up the other direction to make a sort of chess board effect. Press space before you continue.




After you perform the cut (as above, remember 7) press "C" again to connect the dots. There you have it.

A square full of baby squares (aww cute).




Now we're going to start to form a shape and use some more of those menu commands.

(There are other ways to do all this but this way uses the most commands..sneaky uh?)


Press space. This will clear any selection you have highlighted.


I was going to say this is where it gets a little tricky but really it doesn't. 

We're going to extrude 4 of the little baby squares we just made vertically (Y remember)

Follow the screen below and choose "Y" then move the mouse up and down until 

you have a picture like the one below the one below. Erm... the one after this one. GRRR




Ok. To prevent confusion (or add to it) this is the one below the one below  :shocked:




Once you have something like the one above (not to be confused with the one above the one above)

right click the screen to bring up the menu and select "Scale Uniform"


Gently move the mouse. I said gently! You will see the selected faces go bigger and smaller depending

on the direction you move. Left click when you get this;




Now right click the screen again for the menu and select "Flip" then "Y" and press space to clear all

selections. You should be looking at this;




Impressive isn't it? Ok not really but its your first mesh (I have no excuse)

You made a table uh. Believe or not a few little tweaks (footprint and height) and you could actually use this

in the game  :o but that isn't for this tutorial. This is simply to get you messing with meshing. 


Want to tweak it more? Ok you talked me into it. Another command I missed out was "Bevel" a really cool command

that means you can put safety edges on everything so you don't need sharp edges warning signs.


1. Selected all the edges around the surface of your table

2. Right click for the menu and select bevel

3. Move in and out with your mouse until your happy and then left click




Now you should have this;




Press space to see your wonderful creation. You can click the mouse wheel once and then spin around it if you like. Left click to stop when you get dizzy.


If you want to take it that little step further and put it in your game there are plenty of tutorials that deal with that. 

Or... if you like things with pictures and the plain English approach then let me know and I might be tempted to

explain how to do it.


Hope you enjoyed learning how to make the worlds 2nd most simplest table (the first is an orange box) and I hope you

continue to mess with Wings 3D. It's simple. It's wonderful and above all it's free!!


Good luck and have fun.




If you managed to complete this tutorial with relative success then you might want to take it a step further.

Rebecah has put a tutorial together to actually put your mesh in to the game. Here

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@Reb; as far as I can tell Milkshape is very limited and over complicates everything. Wings is really easy and simple for people that have never meshed before.


@LilSis; Wasn't sure anyone would be interested to be honest but I had to sit next to the phone waiting for a call and decided to throw it together rofl. I think if you start meshing you will soon want to make your own objects for the game!

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I did look and you are right MilkShape does not have any of these great features.  I wish someone could write the dll's need to import the bones etc, for the sims files, into wings3d.  I understand from Wes Howe that MilkShape is fairly easy to program the add ons.  

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Wings is fantastic for static modelling. I have used it to make models (much faster than Blender, Maya, Gmax etc) and then attach bones via another program.


These days I only do statics as I enjoy modelling them and don't need my brain to work rofl


I will think of another (easy and fast) tutorial that shows the other powerful commands available in Wings. There are so many!

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I thought I give this a try this morning and I am have a bit of a problem too.  


When I do the second cut the lines do not show up, but I believe it did the cut.  Because I can no longer select the full edge I get small sections.









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Excellent!! The beauty of it is that doesn't matter! If you want the legs thinner you can just do more cuts to get a smaller square before you extrude.

You could also do the bevel on the legs to make the rounder etc. I'm with your experience you will be making drop leaf tables before the end of the day :D

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I do really love the bevel option, I'm sure I will use that in the future.  I have so many projects going right now, but I do hope to try this out more.  I really appreciate your taking the time to teach us all these great new options.  Thank you Rubberman!

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Wow my reply lagged lol I just noticed half my words are missing haha!


I'm just hoping that my approach may appeal to some more than the scary tutorials out there that feel the need to explain the math, talk about polygons and vertices and make you run away before you even placed your first cube. I know you use Milkshape and I went through those tutorials way back in 98/ 99 and never bothered again lol


Sometimes too much info/ knowledge can beat up your imagination and prevent you from inventing your own methods.

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G'day Sam. For pictures I use screen capture in Paint Shop Pro. 


I'm guessing you have the first set of lines?  




Now you need to cut those up as in the picture and you will get the chessboard look. **checking tutorial to make sure I explained properly**

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are you talking about on the keyboard..how do you put the numlock on..and on the 7 and C I didn't use the keyboard was I supposed to..I used the right click then put in the number 7 hit ok and then right clicked again and clicked the connect C..


I have the paint up but not sure how to take a picture or put it in the paint..


I don't know why I am doing this right now..I just woke up an hour ago..lol

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Lol I'm so proud of you! I made several meshes before I finished my first tea of the day or got dressed lol you're not alone!


Ok Paint Shop Pro first: File -> Import -> Screen Capture -> Set-up

From there you can work out what the best option is for you.


And as for the 7 I meant use the keypad not keyboard :embarrassed: hence the use of numlock 


Using the menu it would be "Right Click" -> "Cut" -> "Enter number" -> "7" -> "C"


Hope that clears it up lol?

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