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Anyone can mesh! Part III - A simple microwave.


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Anyone can mesh! Part III - The worlds simplest microwave


Hi again and welcome to this new tutorial. If you followed the first 2 parts you will have by now realised this is not about

what you are making but about learning the commands and functions of Wings 3D.


To do this I have to try and think of objects you can make that end up looking like something and that use commands you haven't yet seen.....this is not easy!!


Today your going to make a microwave. Complete with door.


If you haven't completed parts I and II then what I say here might look a bit mental and put you in the dark so I suggest you run along and do them.


Ok here we go. Load up Wings if you haven't already and right click, cube then go to the tools menu and put on ground. (don't forget you need to select the entire cube before you try to place on ground).


Once we have the cube sitting smugly on the ground, press space to de-select it, highlight the face tool post-13362-0-57811000-1413367600_thumb.j and click on one of its sides. Once highlighted use the right click menu and move -> X and move your mouse until you get an oblong shape similar to that of a microwave (this is guess work ok). Once your happy with the shape click your left mouse to fix it.




Now we have our initial shape the first new command is going to be used

Press the space bar to de-select all and then highlight the Edge tool post-13362-0-50175500-1413368304_thumb.j




With 2 edges selected the "C" key is a quick way of splitting a face in half.


Now another new command will be used to make a space for the control panel.


With the new line selected we want to right click and select "Slide" - Now you can use the mouse to slide the entire edge

across the cube (guess work!) and leave an imaginary space where the controls would go like this;




Right now we have a oblong with a line through it. Um. Not exactly a Sony uh?

Press space to clear. Choose the face tool post-13362-0-57811000-1413367600_thumb.j and highlight the front face like so;




This is where we get our first microwave(ish) looking object and it's going to take another new command (yay we're running out of them)


With the front face selected right click and select "Inset" -> Move the mouse a little until you get something like the next picture then left click to accept the command.




Now to make the illusion complete we need to use another command we haven't seen before. Intrude (basically the opposite of extrude). With the face still highlighted right click to get the menu up and then select "Intrude" and left click immediately (if you don't it will allow you to move the intrusion and all kinds of odd things will happen - try it and then ctrl + z to get your starting point back).




Now you can press space and take a look at your doorless empty microwave.


As we don't want to cook our poor Sims livers and other internal organs it might be best if we pop a door on there yes?


Take a pause here and go make yourself some Earl Grey and a nice Rich Tea biscuit.







Enjoy that? I did :)


Ok we haven't done this before. So far we have only worked with a single cube and the "in your face" menu items. Now we're about to change all that and make ourselves a multi-cube object. Don't you run off. It's easy.


Deep end alert!


To do this we're going to use quite a few more new things. Press space and select the faces as below then go to the "Tools" menu -> "Bounding box" -> "Save bounding box" and you should have this;




We now have a funky green box around our door area. Don't worry this has nothing to do with your object and all will become clear...erm around about now actually.


Press space to clear, Right click and let us have another cube! Select the body tool post-13362-0-70751100-1413370717_thumb.j and then click the new cube.


This is where the bounding box comes in to play. With the cube selected go to the header menu "Tools" -> "Bounding box" -> "Scale to saved bounding box" -> "All"


This will make our cube the same size as the door frame. Now. "Tools" -> "Bounding box" -> "Move to saved bounding box" -> "All"


Ok you should have this; (if not then ctrl + alt + z will take you back a step each time you press them)




Got that? Good. Press space to de-select everything then highlight the face tool post-13362-0-57811000-1413367600_thumb.j

Select the front face of our door then right click for the menu, "Move", "Z" and move the mouse towards you to give our door a little width.




Side project; If you like here you can use the inset command on the front face of that door to give it a better look and maybe extrude it inwards to give it a real door illusion. I'm not going to do that as this is about learning new commands and not about poking your imagination.


If we were to put this in game we would be assigning this door an animation (bones and scary stuff) so the door itself would be a separate mesh. Hence the reason I have done this this way so you can get your head around the needs rather than just the look.


We still have a control panel side that is now not level with the door so press space to clear and select the face that we marked for the controls and right click, extrude, z so that it is level with the door (or there-about)




Ok that's it for now. Too much information is an overload on the old noggin so I wont stress you out with more commands at this time.


If this was meant for the game then we would have to make another new cube that would be assigned as glass for the inside of the door and if you wanted to be really fancy you could place a turntable in there as well.


I will leave that up to you. If you mess with this further it would be great to see the results. 


Just a few minutes later and the use of zero imagination....




Give it a go and as usual you can post questions, mistakes here or PM me.


Thanks again for erm listening/ seeing and hope you continue to explore the world of messing with meshes :)

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I had the same problem with Skyrim and that is one of the reasons I came back to the dark side. Morrowind could be deleted from the editor completely and started over. With Skyrim they made it so difficult to get things into the game that it no longer became fun :(

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