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Anyone can mesh! Part IV - Adding a simple UV Map


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Anyone can mesh! Part IV - Adding a simple UV Map


Hi again. I personally don't use Wings to do what we're about to do but no harm in knowing how to.


For this you're going to need to download a texture I pre-made and then we can continue.




For those that don't know (can't be many?) a UV Map (U,V are the axis of a 2 dimensional object as X,Y,Z are to a 3 dimensional object) means putting a texture on your mesh. Well. Kinda. It actually means saving the co-ords and turning them into something we can understand. A picture. 


Ok so load up Wings 3D and put a cube on the ground..... wow done that already?


Highlight the cube with the body tool selected post-13362-0-71540100-1413385107_thumb.j and then right click and select the option way down at the bottom of the menu. UV Mapping.




Now. This is where it could get tricky/ confusing




We want to choose "Segment by" -> Then "Projection"




Then "Continue" and then.... "Unfolding"


You should get this;




This puts the horrible UV map onto your cube that comes with the program. By now you have waved your move across the new pop box and noticed that each side of the cube has been flattened out and presented to you in a sensible manner you can understand. A cube == 6 faces. Job done. Or is it......


Right then. We now need to make a UV map we can actually work with. Right click the new pop up and follow the pictures.






Ok close that box and go to the file menu. "Import Image" and find the image you downloaded and unzipped and select it.


We now have our image in Wings but not on cube.




Right click the screen again and select UV Mapping.


This brings a pop up..erm up. You know. The one I just told you to close.....


Right click that screen and select "Create Texture" and follow the picture below.




Close that pop up and you should be looking at this;




And that is how you add a simple texture within Wings 3D


Now I'll just sit here and wait for all the confused faces and questions :)


As for the bmp image you saved earlier on you can now load that into your favourite paint program and fill it in to the texture you like. Try it out and pop a picture on here :)

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