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What to do with the mesh you've created in Wing3D - Part 1


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Note:  There maybe other ways to do this, I am just showing you how I do it.


Select the File option/Export/wavefront (.obj)  You could use another type if you prefer, I just find the obj's seem to export in the correct position.  3D studio types export sideways.




Name your file something you can easily remember and place it on your desktop.




Now you may exit Wing3D.


Open Simpe and click the start button.




Once it has finally loaded, scroll down and find surfaces and click the plus sign.




Find the table you want to clone and select it then click the next option.




Be sure you have the clone option selected and the following items ticked, then click the next option.




Enter your description info then click finish once you have it completed:




Change your model name, do not use spaces in the name of this, if you do it will cause issues for people games, and name it something unique, like beginning with your user name or nick, remove all of the garbage in the box.




Now click the update option which should make all of the item in the lower box change, then click the OK button.




Name your file appropriately using your user name (nick) then something to describe what the item is.  Many people also use Mesh and the end of the file name.




Click here to open part  2

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Yes, you did but I also had another person that did not understand what was wrong with her items, so I figures this would also help her.


I would also, prefer you spend your spare time on more tutorials about meshing.  I do feel these will really help our community a lot!

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That's what life is about to me.  Helping others is so very rewarding, well it usually is anyway.


I do hope you continue with your meshing tutorials, you have become a real asset to us.

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:embarrassed: Thank you. 


Helping others is always good. In fact it's better than a lottery win. I'm not quite as Angelic as the rest of you guys (so far) but I do try to be one of the good guys (try being the operative word lol)


And yes I have a good few more tutorials up my sleeve not only for Wings. I just don't want them to fall on empty ears as they do take quite a bit of thinking about rofl


Providing I see people wanting them I will keep put them up on offer :)

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Thank you Simon!  


It truly is better than a lottery win!  Yes, the operative word it try and I feel that is most important.


This is fantastic news!  Thanks!


I don't think that will be a problem at all.   :grin:

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