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Anyone can mesh! Part V - UV Mapping the easy way


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Anyone can mesh! Part V - UV Mapping the easy way


If you attempted Part IV you will by now be pulling your hair out and wondering what on Earth is going on. Wings 3D isn't the best program to make UV maps but can be used at a pinch.


To make life much simpler try UV Mapper Classic


Ok I'm assuming you saved your table from Part 1? If not then I suggest you make it again because that is what we're going to be using for this tutorial.


For those of you that did save it, load it back into Wings and now one of the most important things to do if you want it in the game.


Highlight the entire table and select the face tool post-13362-0-98841100-1413397472_thumb.j


Right click for the menu and select "Tesselate" -> "Triangulate"


NOTE: If you don't do this you can get some very odd texture effects in game!


Ok now we have to export the file so......"File" -> "Export" -> "Wavefront (.obj)" and name it something sensible.


Install and run UV Mapper Classic and "File" -> "Load Model" and find the obj file we just saved and load it in.




You will now be presented with the above screen but don't panic this is not an error. The model has no map so it's all confused.


Now we need to make one right? 






Now you should see your table all chopped up into pieces yes?


Follow these next set of pictures and were set.




Change the values in the box to 512. (Both of them)

Then ok it and give it a sensible name because this is our UV Map for adding our texture to.


Now "File" -> "Save Model" 


You don't need to know right now what that evil pop up is all about so just press ok and name your model.

I called mine "table_mapped"


Now. Open your favourite art program (I use Paint Shop Pro) and load in the UV map that we saved earlier.




At this point it's all up to you. All you need to do is go over the outline with your texture. This takes practice and I'm not sitting here all night waiting for you to mess it up 100x


I would suggest adding another layer over the UV Map and working on that. If you mess it up just delete the layer and start over.


Good luck. Question time?

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Ah.... ok I'm on my morning cup of tea here Sam then I'm off working for a while so no day support lol


It sounds to me like your not au fait with your paint program! I find texturing all about copy/ paste I don't think I've ever even selected the brush tool lmao


Seamless wood textures


As I said.... I actually have to do some work today but if you're still stuck when I'm done (I don't work 9-5) I'll give you a hand. (been using PSP for years and I don't think there is a command/ tool I don't know about)


For now just grab a seamless wood texture and keep an eye on the direction of the grain. Then you can imagine which way the grain should go on the actual model.....


Um REBECAH! Help haha - I have to go :)

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You use the textures for your mesh files, to recolor them.  It is kind of important that you learn to recolor before you learn to mesh.  Recoloring is really much easier than meshing Sam.

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Oh don't worry about all the button etc, you don't need to learn them all.  You just want to learn how to open an image and use it for a texture.  It will all come together and I'm sure you can do this Sam.

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