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What to do with the mesh you've created in Wing3D - Part 2


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Let's get our package file ready and clean out all the garbage.


First click on the plug in view tab, then change the filename of your table, and click the commit button.




Click on the get GUID to get a new GUID number, hopefully you have registered to get these if not I will show you how if you need help with this...just ask.

A box will open, then click the Register Object button.




Now tick the option to update all MMATs and then click update button.




If the item you are using has more than one Object Data OBJD item do the last two steps for each one, except do not tick the update all MMATs for the others, you only need to do this for your main Object Data Item.


Go to your main tool bar and select Tools/Object Tools/Fix Integrity to fix the integrity of the file.  Please do not forget this step, I find so many files that have not done this step, and they could potentially cause issues with your game.




Now you only have to click the OK button.




Now let's clean out the garbage that was imported into the file.


This file happens to have 2 Audio References, click on that section Audio Reference (FWAV) then click on the two objects in that area and right click, then select delete.  Sometimes simpe will generate an error, but don't worry about it, if it does just click ok.




Now let's save our files.




This particular file also had and empty Text List that should be deleted, once you have deleted it save your file.




Click on the Geometric Data Container Section and select the item in that section.




Right click and select the Extract option.




Extract it to your desktop and call it something like EndTable, please do not use spaces in your file names.




Click Here to open part 3

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