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Creating a new texture with Jasc Paint


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Open an image you may have found on the internet 




The one I found is too wide for what I want so I will use the crop tool to get it as square as possible.




Drag the crop tool until it looks fairly square and double click in the center





Use Image/Image Information to find out how close you are to having the item square



As you can see mine is not exactly square, but it must have the proper dimensions to be used with Simpe.



I am going to select the Edit/Copy option to copy my texture to my clipboard




Now I need to create a new image to get an exact square of 512x512



Images sizes must be set to 8x8 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256 512x512 1024x1024 or a combination ie. 512x1024 64x128 etc. 




Select the full area with the selection tool




Now past it into the area using Edit/Paste/Paste into Selection




Save your new texture as a png or jpg.  png's may be imported, where as jpg's much be build with the DXT tool.



I now have a texture that may be used with my new mesh.



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You may either save the texture you find on your desktop or copy it and paste it into PSP.


right click on the image you find that you want to save



Or you may select the Copy image option then paste it into PSP.


To get the texture into your file, is another tutorial.  I believe we have some that explain that, I will look and get back to you.

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There it is.. lol..now going to next step..still not sure how to get the pictures and after I take them can't find them if they even took..on this PSP


Thank you Rebecah


On your picture 9 that thing you have circled on the left I don't have that..


Ok I am not getting those big squares just a blank white square..with the little squares around it.


Ok now I have those big squares and have copied and pasted (with this paste it isn't showing up to click on the (Paste into selection) just paste.. the texture but it isn't going into the whole thing like you have in picture..once I get that..then how do I put the texture on that table with Wings3D..

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Rubberman showed you how to add the texture to Wings3D, Sam.  To use your texture to color your item you just do a recolor, or import it into the file you create.


If one of your buttons does not appear exactly the same as mine use the drop down arrow to find it.



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For anyone that uses Facebook Seamless textures


Not even sure you have to have facebook to grab these textures so even if you don't use it they may still be available.


I use this also Seamless textures


Failing that it is quite simple to make your own seamless textures with PSP - brickwork is hard! Most other materials are very easy.

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Thank for the links to the seamless textures Rubberman:) 


I agree with Beck about IE being the worst.I also have Chrome and it's great. Apparently the newest Firefox is good, haven't tried it but people at the office said all the previous problems are gone now.I think I'll stick to Chrome though :)

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