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It works very well for me...Thanks!

I really enjoy learning so much about other countries...It helps put into perspective the wonderful people who live there (Alet:icon_hug:

I wish I had been more interested in learning these things while in school :embarrassed:  :1doh1: ...Now that I've met people from all over the world through the internet...I am eager to learn!

God's creation is awesome and so very beautiful everywhere we look...though there are places where we need to search a bit harder for it because of things like war and over industrialism/ urban developement...But where the earth remains untouched (or lightly touched)...there's much beauty to be found...AWESOME!  :008:

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I agree Lisa!  I wasn't very interested in geography much myself.  I think they teach it at an age that kids just have a hard time relating to it.  I know I was to young to really understand it, in grade school.  


It is really awesome to learn about now.

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Alet, your country is indeed very beautiful!

For some reason I thought you were Austrian. I can't think of why I thought that though.  :undecided:

Now i understand much better your comments throughout the time I've been here about the severe heat where you live!  :Sunshine: With my present problem with hot flashes, I do believe I would evaporate into a puddle of sweat if I lived there!  :hot:  :whew:  :smiley:

But it certainly is a very interesting and beautiful place...Is this where the Ebola epidemic is? ...If so, I am praying doubly hard for your safety my dear friend!  :icon_hug:




This image (from a BBC website of the Epupa waterfalls in Namibia) reminded me of the story of how God hid Moses in the cleft of the rock and he covered him with His hand while passing by Moses...

That is my prayer today...not only for Alet, but for everyone here to be protected from this deadly virus...to be hidden and covered by the hand of God ~In Jesus~ Amen. 

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Is this where the Ebola epidemic is?


Lisa, by the Grace of God, we don't have  a case of Ebola here, but the authorities are on alert. The Ebola outbreak is in

West Africa 


The Epupa waterfalls are one of the most beautiful areas in Nam. When the Kunene river is in flood you have a more than 180 degree view of thundering waterfalls. It's breathtaking! 


Rubberman the Epupa Falls are on the border between Namibia and Angola :) Angola, also is a beautiful country!

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