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Making seamless textures with PSP


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Grabbing textures off the internet is a great way to re-colour/ texture meshes but.....Ever though how easy it is to make your own?


Not all textures on the net are actually free to use.


So without further waffling here's how to make your own.








These all come with the program but you can add your own (maybe later I'll show you how)


Now for the first one we're going to make a wood texture so scroll down and select wood grain.




Then ok it and....




Then ok that to.


Flood fill the screen with the right button (the light colour) then flood fill it again with the left.




And there you have it. A wood grain effect texture but..... we don't want to stop there do we? No. We're now going to make it seamless.






This doesn't work with everything too well but after oking this you should now have a seamless wood texture 512 x 512 - Simple.


Try exactly the same process with the other swatches instead of using the wood grain...




And yes. You can use these on top of a layer and place presets on them such as overlay, multiply, burn and dodge etc.


Have fun. Simple and quick.

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Thanks Rubberman!  This is an area that is really needed, for tutorials too.  You seem to really know a lot about the PSP so if you have other tricks and tips I know we would all appreciate some more tutorials on PSP.  


I know that Alet, Sam, Karen and Nonni all have copies of the Jasc PSP.

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