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How to add a New Texture - Part 1


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I will use a dining chair and add a cushion to it, then add a new texture.


I imported a mesh that is named cushion.




This is just to show where the mesh file names may be changed, I want to change the cushion name to fabric, click the groups tab within the gmdc section.




I selected the cushion group and renamed it fabric.



First let's clone the texture for the wood section in the TXTR section.




I am going to change the word cherry to fabric then commit my changes




Now that my name has changed I must click the fix TGI and commit my changes.  I would also suggest you save your file at this point.




I will import my new texture at this point.
Once you have your new texture in place, be sure to commit your changes and save your file.




Now we need to go to the material sections to the file.  Let's start with the TXMT section and duplicate the txmt for the wood section.




Change the name wood_cherry to fabric and click the fix TGI then commit your changes




Select the link named stdMatBaseTexture Name then change the word cherry to fabric.




Commit your changes and save your file




Now we will clone the MMAT 




Change wood_cherry to fabric commit changes and save your file




Click the resource tab and change the instance number from 5000 to 5001 commit your changes and save your file




Go back to plugin view and we need to get a new family number.  Click Tools/Object Tools/Hash Generator. 




Select the GUID type, then select and copy this number.




Use shift + insert to paste this number in the family value box, commit changes and save your file.




I almost forgot this one:  Change the subsetName from wood to fabric.




To be continued in part 2






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