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Bump Mapping a texture in Paint Shop Pro (9 - Free) Part Deux!


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Bump Mapping a texture in Paint Shop Pro Part Deux!


Just to re-cap.... you now have, a colour map (original texture), a normal map (blue one), a occlusion map (white on black) and a specular map (the greyish one)


Now we're not going to use the normal map as I said earlier DTX compression (which is what the Sims uses) horrifically mutilates them. The reason I told you to create an extra one was for the several times you restarted because you either got lost or you mucked it up :)


Take your colour map (original texture) and make two layers on top of it. "Layer" menu, "New raster layer" x 2


Make sure you are working on the second layer by simply clicking on it in the Layer window:




Select your occlusion map (the white one) and copy it (ctrl + c) now select your colour map (original texture) and press ctrl + e. This will paste the occlusion map on the second layer of your colour map. Now we need to make sure it is exactly positioned over the layer underneath. Use post-13362-0-58815300-1415645497.png to drag your new selection into place.


Once that is done press ctrl + d to fix it in position and double click on the "Layer" window.



This brings up the Layer options window. Here we are going to do something completely wrong, BUT it works for what we want. 




Select multiply and ok it.


We are now going to add the specular map the same way we did the occlusion map but we're going to put it on the top layer so make sure that is selected:




Once this is done double click the layer we're working on in the above window and this time we need to select "Overlay" and play with the opacity settings until you get the desired effect.




When your happy go to the Layers menu and Merge -> Flatten




The two textures side by side. When we add emissive 




By adding further layers of the specular map we can achieve a much better texture but this will do for now as an example.


OK. I was mean and evil. (you can also make a "shadow" map using a texture you have exported from Simpe to use on your own re-colours using the occlusion method).


If you want to do this the easy way then try this out;




This can provide you with all the maps you will ever need.

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