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Subject To Change, Chapter Sixteen


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Chapter 16


One week the expected letter from Murdoch fails to arrive. There is some concern but we try to be adults about it. The next week passes with still no letter. Bill goes to the shipping office to inquire. He gets very little information other than there seems to be a malfunction in the ships GPS and communications equipment. If the ship does not arrive as scheduled at its next port of call, the company will make investigations. Bill is outraged but says nothing to the company official. He calls a friend in the port authority to see if that friend can get more facts on the whereabouts of the Champion.


Through days of red tape, hemming and hawing, we are finally apprised that the ship may be lost. More time passes and the Champion does not arrive at its next schedule port of call. Now it is official, the ship is listed as missing. The small nation from which the ship departed has limited resources for a thorough search but it goes through the motions. Inquiries are made up and down the coast of the area where the ship should have been. There is nothing to report, no debris, and no survivors. The Champion is listed lost with all hands.


We are in a state of shock and disbelief. Of course, we could not hide the news from Doc but he bears it well. Again, the chain of prayer is called into action but I

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