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Completed - Booster Seat


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I'm sharing a request that I received by private message, so that I may upload a test version.


So I'm really in love with your booster seat, I use it in all my houses. (Thank you!) I was wondering if you'd be willing to take a request? I'd love to have a version slaved to Jonesi's bed blanket (I've seen that you posted fixes) as the high chair has a limited amount of recolors and Jonesi's bed blanket has a ton.

If you're too busy that's ok, thanks for reading regardless smile.gif


I wasn't happy with my original mesh so I created a new one and it is slaved to Jonesi's bed blanket which I have a fix for posted here.




I have added a base game version of my original mesh, with Jonesi's blanket textures.




These will not conflict with each other so you may add both versions to your game.


Updated Files will be posted in the download section.  I found I had forgot to fix the integrity on the version of my old mesh.  I've also updated the catalog info and made some small changes.

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If your texture was flashing blue, please redownload.  I'm really not sure this is going to work, as the blanket does not have a clean and dirty texture,like the highchair.  It seems the game changed my texture settings in the text area, but I'm not sure.  I may have to recode the item and I won't have the time for that until I finish my PS items.

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