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Employee Musician object isn't linked for the violin or microphone

Guest KittenOnACloud

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Guest KittenOnACloud

Hey guys :)


So today my sim bought a business lot, being a club. It's more the relaxed piano type of club, where sims can just have a drink and listen to a pianist on stage after a long day's work. My original plan was to use the employee musician object (from SimWardrobe) to assign one sim to the piano and one to the microphone, and possibly a third on the violin. Alas, for some reason these two aren't options on the object.


I'd like to make a request for this to be tweaked to include ALL instruments. :)

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Hmmm, I am not very familiar with the musical instruments but when I get time I will take a look to see how they work.  I am not one who uses community lots, so this is something I am really know very little about.  If you can find someone who does that maybe better.

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