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    Version - Sims 2


    The last stop in Strangetown before you hit the long road to wherever you are going. Take the opportunity to buy some food, grab a cup of coffee or a drink and some snacks from the vending machine. There is a BBQ in the backyard if you rather have some hotdogs instead. If you have time you can play some pool, or you may need tinkering with the car, one last check before the trip. If you need to freshen up you can use the shower in the restroom. Don't forget to buy a newspaper or a game to amuse you (or your children) if the journey is long. I built this on a residential lot and changed it to a community so there is a mailbox and trashcan on the lot. Unfortunatly the phoneboth didnt show up (first time that happens to me) but your sims can buy a cellphone and phone a taxi to get home. Since Photobucket, where I saved my pictures, has changed its terms, I have no pictures to display. I have all EP:s and most of the SP:s. Community lot Lotsize: 3x2 Included in download: Indus Bathroom Counter and Tinkering Screwdriver by Sandy Neon Alphabet by atavera post #4 Wallwriting by aikea guinea (site no longer has Sims2 stuff) Fire Extinguishers by Manuela10669 Pigalle Garage Door (open/invisible) bySironaSims/Corvidophile2 (site closed) Outher Walls by Poplers All sorts of clutter by Nemestnaya (site closed), CTNutmegger, HChangeri, SusanJohan/SimcasticDesign (site closed) Not included: HotRod Car, 50's Tow Truck and Old School Bopper MC. Thanks to all wonderful creators!
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    Version Sims 2


    MavisStorm requested that [JA] Amelia's Crib be converted to be toddler-friendly. I've done that and created some recolors. I also, fixed the entire [JA] Amelia set found at https://ja-viera.livejournal.com/30502.html None of the files had had the integrity fixed and several had unnecessary parts in them. If you have her files in your downloads you will need to remove them as I did not change the file name nor the GUID. Bedding is pulled from the EA bedding and the frame is pulled from ADELE_ameliaArmChair which I included in the files. Please let me know if there are any issues with this set. Note the toddlers and children sometimes bled through the blanket and the side being solid looks a little silly when a child or toddler get in the bed from that side.
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    I did this one separate as it needed other files to work. It is posted here:
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    If you happen to use System Mechanic Pro or Phoenix 360 it has a serious bug that effects Sims 2. It was removing my Sims 2 info from my registry. I happen to remember I had this problem several years ago and I did report it to Iolo, but unfortunately, they have not fixed it. I had kept it from deleting the Sims 2 info, but since the newer version came out it no longer allows me to bypass this problem. I had tried to install the Homecrafter and when it told me Sims 2 was not installed, it triggered my memory. Prior to this, I had to keep upgrading or repairing my Sims 2 install.  Hopefully, this info will help someone else.
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    Oh gosh, CindaLove I'm so sorry to hear this, but I very much appreciate your telling us. Unfortunately, I am not able to find the set.
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    It might take me a while to get them done but I will try.
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