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    Well, maybe this is the place for you! Though on a small lot, these apartments offer generous community amenities, such as: comfortable sitting area, and internet access on the first floor; and on the second, a plasma tv, chess board, piano, and fitness room! Outside, there is plenty of seating for a barbecue with your neighbors and family. Each apartment is comfortably furnished, and very cozy. Especially appropriate for more outgoing sims, the large community area is great for getting out without having to leave home! There are four apartments, two on each floor: one 2 bed, two 1 bed, and one studio. Even the largest isn't more than 2,000 simoleans a week! With the most efficient possible use of space in each apartment, your sims will love living here! Lot Type: Apartment Lot Size: 3x2 Lot Value: 669-1,249 EP Requirements: Apartment Life SP Requirements: None Custom Content (Included) Heart Deco's "A Simple Planter" My "Bricks and Siding" walls, in "salt" and "mint" Confession: As soon as I finished the lot for my bricks and siding walls, my first thought? Make a lot, of course! That's why it's such a small lot, and a rather awkward shape. However, it really is very playable :unsure:
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