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  1. Rebecah

    New Places!

    Niagara Falls
  2. Thank you! I would never intentionally do anything to harm anyone's game, nor computer. I found it quite insane the way people were going after me, after all the years I'd been creating and never asking anything in return. Their meanness and terrible words to me were very hurtful and really took a lot of the fun out of doing the creations. Then when EA fixed the issue and didn't bother to explain it, well at the time I did not feel I wanted to purchase any more of their games. I do very much appreciate your vote of confidence, it really warms my heart. Thank you so much!
  3. It wasn't a virus. It was a flaw in EA's coding. They fixed it not long after that happened.
  4. Rebecah

    New Places!

    Seattle Thanks so much for telling us Dave!
  5. Adorable! This looks like it's for Sims 4. I would love to see these in game.
  6. I just got an email telling about a new stuff pack of paranormal things. Gosh I wonder how many more packs they plan to add.
  7. Well I am very happy for my grandson and his wife. I just feel a little sad that I probably will not see her at least anytime soon if ever. They live in Hawaii and even when he gets out of the Army they do not plan to come back here. They really like Washington, which is were they meet, she was in the Army then too. Her Parents live in California. She really does not like the Michigan weather at all, so it is not likely they'll come back here to stay. I just hope they will be able to come back sometime for a visit. It's really kind of bitter sweet. It's not everyday one becomes a great
  8. Rebecah

    New Places!

    Egypt I would love to go to Egypt some day, but it does not look like that is a viable option.
  9. I'm sorry I just saw this post today and right now I am not able to do any Sims 2 things as I do not have it installed any more. At this time I do not know if I will install it. If I ever do I will give this some consideration. I'm so happy you like the chickens, they are one of my favorites too.
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