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  1. Happy Birthday, Marbi! I hope you have a very special day.
  2. MM is you can't get something to upload to SFS then just upload it here and tell me. I will get it uploaded one way or another. Please do not waste your time on SFS if it's not working right. I wish I had more free time to get my google drive set up. I've noticed the other creators that used to use SFS have scraped that idea completely. They are using google drive, and one drive and some use the Box server. SFS was a nice idea but since they move it it no longer works properly. I had my daughter trim my hair. It's a bit crooked but I figure who cares at least it's not so lon
  3. I did install the new version. I hadn't noticed that I had to download it, it didn't install automatically. Sims does still work for me.
  4. I don't have Sims 2 installed either, I just got an update a couple of days ago for Windows 10. Sims 4 works fine. I just let the updates install automatically.
  5. Well that's a real deal MM! Thanks for clarifying that. I would have to get my prescription to have those, and I think they are quite expensive.
  6. Wow, that is fantastic. I envy you.
  7. Thanks Marbi, I was kind of thinking of getting that one just to make sure it didn't conflict with my Make Less Mess Mod. I really appreciate you passing this info on to us.
  8. Thanks so very much for adding the links. I would love to see you keep us updated about the houses you put up. I wish it would work for you to put them on here, but it just does not seem to work to add them to one's game. If it's not too much trouble please do put more pic's up.
  9. 17 downloads

    I found I was having to clean up messes that the toddlers and children make just far to often, so I created this mod. Thanks so much to Alet for testing it. This is compatible with the newest version of Sims 4
  10. I mean the links in your post of the houses are not going to the houses. You did have some links to some of your first houses and they did work fine. I totally understand about not have older items. I've lost a lot too form bad hard drives. I copy most things to and external drive but then I still have trouble find things, and I never find the things I really want.
  11. I found you in the in game gallery. My goodness you have been creating tons of beautiful things.
  12. MM said she got the Kitchen on and she likes it, but I agree too much for so little.
  13. I'm not sure how to do that. I do not see a place to sort by Maxis only except under the Advanced option. I did click the follow you on one of you links in this post. I can get to the lots that you have a link to but that's it. I was using your Sweden link and translating it to English so I tried going to the American site, the Image is what I found...no lots Oh gosh you took away all your links. I know the images went away yesterday but the links were the only way I could find them.
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