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  1. I'll see what I can do on this LilSister.
  2. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    Oh my goodness MM you made me laugh right out loud! You have some of the funniest stories I've ever heard. I'm sure this wasn't too funny to you, but I'm glad you are ok as well as Jake. At least I sure hope your are.
  3. 17 downloads

    This is the Bespoke Colonial Windows Set with a Clear Bottom Pane. There are 24 windows and 24 of the diagonal version of the windows. You must have Honeywell's master file in your downloads in order for these to work. I suggest you install her full set found here: Click Here I will try to add more images later but short on time right now. These were requested by Zeddman123 in our request area.
  4. 9796 I'm so happy to see you back David!
  5. I am getting close to having all of the colonial type done, there are so many windows. 36 are done but that is only actually 18 windows and 18 of the same window in diagonal. I have 10 more of these to go yet. There are 12 Classical. I'm thinking maybe by this weekend I'll be ready to post them. Just wanted to keep you posted as to where I am on this project.
  6. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    I got a message through the site I can't remember exactly who it was sent to but by default any emails that are addressed to say admin@affinitysims.com come to me. I think Dave was trying to respond to a message you'd sent him Alet as it did have your name on it. Hard to explain, but I sure am grateful he got it to us somehow.
  7. I was referring to the images of real houses the top images actually have 8 panes in the top section but I did notice the bottom image shows 6. I did a couple of them today. These are both double pane versions tall and short...not sure which you wanted. I haven't done the diagonals and these do take a bit of time to do so please know it will be a few days depending on how many of them you wanted done. They really are not very hard to do, I just already have plans for tomorrow and still have a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow.
  8. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    I'm not sure if Alet sent me the message but Dave said the following: to Affinity Sorry everybody. My computer is in the shop for repairs so my computer time is limited Hope to add to the count Soon David I am so happy to know he is alright.
  9. For which Sims game please. I see the Honeywell set is for Sims 2 so if that is the case it should be no problem to make what you want. The bottom portion of the window to be clear and does the top need to have 6 panes? I'm not sure I could make them look right with so many panes as the actual windows are not very wide. I can try though.
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