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  1. Thanks Dawn I'll think about looking into a thread there. There are some bad apples that always want to spoil things for others....unfortunately.
  2. Thanks Alet and Dawn! I'm so happy to know you are pleased with it. I did have to do some resizing to the ts3 mesh so that it was the right level and large enough for the pizza peel/shovel to fit. Thanks for sharing the link you created, and for sharing our link here, and sharing the in game images. It always warms my heart to know I could give a little joy to someone.
  3. 68 downloads

    I had a request, from Dawn, for a more modern pizza oven for the set by Katy that I updated sometime ago. Found Here. I'm not sure if this is more modern but it sure looks a lot better to me. It is the TS3 pizza oven converted to work with this set. I included a few recolors nothing spectacular but I hope someone likes it. I set this oven to only be used to make pizza's, unlike the old version. Stove is found under stoves for $2000. Credits to Katy for the original creation and to LilSister for finding this creation. It shouldn't cause a conflict with Katy's other stove, but all the additions are the same...table, pizza shovel and pizza's.
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    I've been practicing and this is one of the dresses I've made longer. I included most of the original textures and several of my own.
  5. That's wonderful news MM! Just take your time and don't push yourself until you are feeling a lot better....please! I just hate how short most of the EA dresses are. I started working on one yesterday, trying to learn how to use Blender. It's so much harder to use then MilkShape, but it has some wonderful features. I know I lengthened one dress awhile back but I just can not remember how to do some things.
  6. I was hoping you would do just that MM!
  7. I have noticed that too and I hope to try to change that. It's such a shame creators aren't more careful about this type of thing. Thanks Alet!
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