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  1. I don't know how Nvidia tools looks for anything. I don't think it has that capability. Nvidia tools is something other programs use.
  2. 9557 Nice to see you LilSister!
  3. I couldn't agree more on the liquor stores. I don't think your watching Netflix will really cause any harm to the parents of children. I didn't spill on my keyboard, but I noticed they hadn't charged my credit card yet on Friday so I called them and it seems my motherboard was not bad. I was pretty sure I didn't spill inside the computer. I spilled a small amount on the very front of the computer case and it was just water enhancer. I didn't even shut it down. I happened over 2 months ago too. I told them that so I think maybe they investigated a bit further. The guy I talked to said they had my computer running for a 24 hour period to make sure it was going to be OK, and at that point it was still running. They should be shipping it back to me by Tuesday, as long as it keeps running. I usually don't have anything to drink on my table, and I will be more careful in the future. So is the US. When Republicans are in control they could care less about the national debt. They only care when we have a Democrat for president. Republicans have always destroyed the debt when they are in power then a Democrat always has to come in a fix the damage. It's happened for many many years. You'd think people would learn from that alone not to vote Republican.
  4. Thanks so very much Alet! Actually those were my daughters words. I just changed them a little like the grandson instead of son. I sure hope your government helps your sons business or something happens to make sure he and his employees will be ok. I am praying for all of you and your loved one too.
  5. Lisa just got a text from Kevin and the Commanding General just came out and told them the 60 stay won't apply to them. Something about families were outraged. Not sure just what helped but I very much appreciate any prayers you all sent out. Please keep him in your prayers until he is home safe and sound....please.
  6. We have heard from my grandson and it is not good. They need help. I just sent the following to the president and our Governor. I am contacting you today for help with our US Army unit 45213. There are 1,400 soldiers, including my grandson, that were sent to Thailand for a training mission just as COVID-19 was starting to breaking out. These soldiers are on the ground in close contact with the Thailand soldiers that are able to go home to their families and come back to base. The situation there is becoming increasingly tense, to say the least. The unit does not have any hand sanitizer and very little to almost no personal protection equipment in very high temperatures and shared water areas. These soldiers are now stuck. Our government has issued a 60 day stay with a virus war that is killing people. As you see this morning our own hospitals don’t want to take anyone in. So as a grandmother would someone PLEASE tell me am I to expect that the Thailand people will help these Soldiers or are they just out there in a virus war without any equipment to protect themselves? So I want to ask you from the bottom of my heart if you can help in any way? If not you then who will help? I can’t stand thinking about what will happen if no one will help! Please! Please pray for him!
  7. Thank you so very much! It's always nice to know someone enjoys my work.
  8. Oh he is so cute! Thanks for sharing, it made me smile. On another note just got an email about my computer and it seems there was something sugary that made it may onto the motherboard and that has to be replaced and is not covered under warranty. They said they would cover the CPU fan though. I did spill something water flavor stuff on a small portion of the top, so I guess it must have got to the motherboard somehow. At least they aren't going to charge me an arm and a leg for it $83 seems pretty fair to me.
  9. Wow, the textures are stunning! I personally don't care for the mesh...I wonder if it would be hard to fix it. The waist is just too far off from a normal waist line.
  10. Yesterday Michigan Governor ordered all non essential business to close too. I'm used to being home 24/7 too, I usually don't go out more than twice a month. Didn't you get snow yesterday? We did. I figured Jake would be out enjoying the snow. Alet, thanks to right wing nuts the US is pretty much a third world country. We have more homeless people than most countries and jail more per Capita than any other country. There is no longer any welfare for most people, and food stamps are only for people that work, unless they have children, some very disabled people and senior citizens who are living at poverty levels (like myself). I only get $37 per month so it's not much. Our businesses are allowed to poison us and our idiot president has striped all regulation that help save our planet. Something like 1 in 4 children are starving. It's shameful! We have some very wealthy people but the income ratio is outrageous. Lies and greed here has no consequences. Oh gosh these thing make me so upset it have to leave it at that. My two oldest daughters are still having to work, as well as Lisa's husband. Stephanie and her husbands companies have shut down. Melissa's husband has been laid off for a couple of months now. Lisa's company isn't really an essential business but they have federal contracts, although the company isn't working on any of those contracts, they are saying they are essential. They make aluminum sheeting etc. I hope they get fined for it. Melissa is an asst. manager at an auto part company so her job is considered essential, although business is really less than usual. My county hasn't had anyone so far that has the virus, but counties all around us have. Please stay safe everyone, and I do appreciate all of your prayers. I do keep you all in my prayers too. Lots of Big Hugs to you all!
  11. That is really eerie. I just can't help but wonder what people are going to do. If they can't work and can't pay their bills...well I just can't help but wonder how many deaths that will cause. It's like we are damned if we do and damned if we don't stay home. Jez I never thought about truckers not being able to go through a drive through. Businesses really should come up with an idea for them. The truckers are crucial to getting things to our stores etc. I understand both sides of the issue, but it would be nice if somehow they could be served at fast food places. I ordered some groceries yesterday and they were delivered today, it usually only takes an hour or two to get them but they must be so busy or they lost some of their drivers. I had to wait a day to get them. Not a big deal to me, but I don't blame people for using the service. The store was completely out of eggs and butter was only available in a few types. Potatoes were very few listed as being in stock too. It's just getting scary. My daughter Lisa heard from Kevin and he is doing ok. Stephanie still has not got the results from her test, she says she is still having problems with shortness of breath. I hope you found the energy to make those cookies.
  12. If you can't get it on SimsFileShare just put the files on here then move them later on down the road when the site is working.
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