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  1. Good for you Gina! It's always great to see someone improve on their creations.
  2. Rebecah

    Buyable Soap

    This is something different! Great job Gina!
  3. Best of luck to you Karen! I pray it all goes well!
  4. 12 downloads

    This is another of the items that I felt was very unrealistic, time wise. I was disappointed not to be able to find a mod that worked for these either. It's taken me a few weeks to get it figured out. I found an outdated one on MTS but it didn't work. The trick seemed to be I had to add the resume options to the file also. I didn't know we could even resume the music until I studied this. But I did find the resume is not an actual resume, it takes almost as long to do a resume as it does to write a song. I would get so frustrated when a sims had to go to work or school and I'd loose all that work. There are sheet music sheets created in your sims inventory that can now also be done quickly. They do have to be songs that have been written...not Lyrics or Jingles. I've been working on those options too, but have not been able to get them much faster. This mod works for guitar, violin, piano, keyboard, and the organ.
  5. Oh gosh that is something, Jake is such a great dog. I just hope and pray you feel better MM! Take care!
  6. The only way I can have them in game is to use and NPC.
  7. Thank you for making me smile!
  8. Please just worry about getting yourself healthy again...please. I will keep you and Dave in my prayers.
  9. No I don't mind at all Alet, I would love for Sims 4 to have a pizza oven. I just wish I had some idea on how to go about it.
  10. Thanks Dawn! I mainly did it to learn how to use Blender. It was the one I'd wanted to do until I found the TS3 version.
  11. Sims 2...I don't know how to do these kinds of thing for Sims 4.
  12. 54 downloads

    When Dawn first requested a more modern pizza over I googled Modern Pizza Oven and found this one: I knew I couldn't create something like this with MilkShape, so I have been trying to learn how to use Blender. I have found the new 2.8 version to be an very powerful program. Even better than Max 3d (which I used to use). I really wanted to use Blender to create shadows, but unfortunately I was not able to accomplish this to my satisfaction. I was however happy with the mesh I was able to create. I have made a few changes as to how the pizza oven works. I wasn't happy with how fast the old version cooked the pizza's Sims really couldn't earn cooking skills and it just didn't seem very realistic. I changes how some of the animation to make the Pizza and the Maxis version I made a few changes. I added a couple of deco slots one on the bottom and one on the very top. I hope some of you find this to be a useful item. Video shows how long it takes to make the pizzas and at the end it shows all of the recolors.
  13. 9322 Good looking out Dave! Thanks!
  14. 21 downloads

    I have converted the TS3 Provence Set that I converted for Sims 2. Dining Chair #2 - $150 - Comfort 10 Dining Chair solid - $150 - Comfort 8 Living Room Chair - $3000 - Comfort 10 Ceiling Light - $200 Buffet - $325 - Has extra slots for object placement Side Table - $300 - Has extra slots for object placement Pails (under statues) - $400 - Environment 5 Bread Box (under statues) - $50 - Environment 10 Hanging Basket - $50 Shelf - $50 - not pictured Mirror - $150 + charisma Sink - $500 - Hygiene 6 Reliability 8 Sofa - $5000 - Comfort 10 Coffee Table - $110 Dining Table - $200 - Top remeshed to allow for the design to work. Love Seat - $4000 - Comfort 10 - was not a part of the set it is something I created from the sofa mesh The LIving Room Sofa, Chair, Loveseat and the Dining Table require Get Famous. I believe the rest are all basegame except the Shelf & Hanging Basket which requires Get Together. With the exception of the Hanging Basket all items have at least 8 textures included. EA Set: My Set;
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