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  1. Thanks Alet! I don't really have any meds, not sure what I would take. I'm really just trying to sleep as much as I can and it's been a lot. I just really want my sense of smell back. Thanks again Alet!
  2. Sorry that is the only one I knew about.
  3. Was it this one? Sorry I'm really sick. Pretty sure I got Covid.
  4. No I have the full version. Screenshot show just a few of the files the game removes. Edit: I know the first time it did this it asked me if I wanted to restore the original files and I said yes. Well I lost all my save games, it was a huge mess. I kind quit playing after that.
  5. hmmm, I don't know about an invisible baby mod, but if you'd like to send me the file you have for the bassinet I'd be happy to look at it.
  6. Every time the game starts it removes the save game files and a bunch of other files. I've looked to see what they are and when the game ends it does the same thing, or similar. I thought I had the Sims 4 folder not set to keep in sync, but I guess I was wrong. I really dislike this feature of the game.
  7. Sometimes there are hidden things that are in the file too, but I can't really explain it. I am starting my game to see which expansions I don't have, and it is doing a huge update. I haven't started the game in a really long time. Unfortunately with Brian's new schooling and my having been so sick the last few days which has put him even farther behind, I am so cramped for time. I don't have Cottage Living which I can tell is requires. I don't have The Star Wars and Dream Home Packs nor any of the Kits. I am concerned about the huge jump in price for the software we are using for our website too. I'm not sure what to do about that right now, but it was a huge disappointment to read that email. We can use it without updating the license every 6 months, but it's not really safe. I hate how starting the Sims 4 game deletes lots of files and my Google Drive goes a bit crazy about along with my one drive.
  8. Check your mask files, or shadow files. Wow, that is a beautiful farm MM. I wish I could understand what he is saying in the video. I don't think I have all the expansions needed for the farm.
  9. Wow, MM I'm so very proud of you and so happy you found what you needed.
  10. Oh that's a bummer MM. Sorry I do not know how to recolor default items in Sims 4 myself. Sorry I also do not know about the curtians.
  11. 2,337 downloads

    Updated July 14, 2014: Thanks to LilSister finding that the craftable items were also, showing up for the pottery wheel I have made changes to the 4 craftable items. Please be sure to remove your older copies and replace them with the new upload. This is something I started creating over 2 years ago and it's finally finished. I started this as a project with G-Knee at PBK for a contest, but was unable to get it working until recently. The meshes are mostly by G-Knee and the coding and effects are by myself. (The fire effect requires the AL expansion.) Thanks to pykkadilly for requesting and testing this! Sims gain creativity and are able to make one or many of the 4 items pictured below. Once completed the item will go into your sims inventory which can then be placed within the lot and the candles do light except for the hanging candle.
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