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  1. I like the longer version myself. It is a nice dress.
  2. Unfortunately the link does not seem to find the mesh. I think TSR does that on purpose, not sure though.
  3. Really beautiful textures! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for creating and sharing your wonderful clothing, MM.
  5. I'm so happy you got it working again. Awe poor Jake.
  6. Oh gosh MM I'm so sorry I fell asleep. It sounds like you got it running. I wonder what would have caused this.
  7. If Alet's suggestion does not help try renaming your folder in your documents/EA Games and renaming it something else then try to start your game. If that works let me know then we will have to try to get some of your stuff back in the game, so please let me know.
  8. I have to admit Sims 2 for creating is a lot more fun, at least to me. Oh my I sure hope you are able to get the help you need. I don't want to go to a doctor right now as I do not think it is safe. So many people are getting the virus it seems a lot worse than it was last year.
  9. Happy New Year Everyone!
  10. It sounds like you have quite a lot to work on. Don't push yourself just make it fun...please. I've been playing Sims 4 a bit the last couple of weeks and found the food spoilage a major pain so I am working on a mod for that.
  11. I hope and pray everyone has a very happy Christmas!
  12. I know what you mean as far as Sims 4 and the lots etc. Wow, that is wonderful MM! I'm so happy for you. I really would not worry about taking too many pics, I think people know your work well enough that they will download the items and check them out for themselves.
  13. Oh Gosh what a beautiful set MM. Why 2020?
  14. Oh I knew you were talking about Sims 2, but Sims 4 takes quite awhile to load too. We got some snow too, but it is suppose to rain tomorrow and be in the 40's. I hope he enjoys the snow while he can.
  15. That's wonderful news MM about your computer and the files. I think 25 patterns is still an awful lot but much better then 100. It doesn't take an hour for Sims 4 to load but it does take an awful long time that's why I don't close it very often. LOL yep it really sounds like he has such a hard life.
  16. Oh I just click the pause option and save the game very often. I do not play for very long at a time, but I do just keep my game open for hours at a time. I mainly test my mods. When something happens in the game like say I forgot to pause it or something then I just go back to the main menu and do not save the game. I recently had the girl I was playing with die so I just got out of the game and didn't save it. I really hate how the game will kill a sims from time to time. One of my rabbits recently died and I have no idea why. I have the aging turned off, most of the time. Right now I'm trying to get my chicks to age up so I have the farm animals aging on, but I'm not sure it is working. Jake sure brings a lot of joy to all of us. As well as you for telling us his wonderful stories.
  17. LOL I don't understand why you don't play it at all, but yes every time there is a new update all CC is disabled and you have to reset it.
  18. Oh I'm so happy to know you found the problem.
  19. Wow, that is strange. I'd be happy to try them in my game if you'd like to send me a link to download some.
  20. 30 downloads

    I'm not sure why I never posted this mod of mine before now, but I had to update it today so I will share it with you all. Sims do write the books quit quickly, which is what I wanted.
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