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  1. Thanks Dawn I'll think about looking into a thread there. There are some bad apples that always want to spoil things for others....unfortunately.
  2. Thanks Alet and Dawn! I'm so happy to know you are pleased with it. I did have to do some resizing to the ts3 mesh so that it was the right level and large enough for the pizza peel/shovel to fit. Thanks for sharing the link you created, and for sharing our link here, and sharing the in game images. It always warms my heart to know I could give a little joy to someone.
  3. 68 downloads

    I had a request, from Dawn, for a more modern pizza oven for the set by Katy that I updated sometime ago. Found Here. I'm not sure if this is more modern but it sure looks a lot better to me. It is the TS3 pizza oven converted to work with this set. I included a few recolors nothing spectacular but I hope someone likes it. I set this oven to only be used to make pizza's, unlike the old version. Stove is found under stoves for $2000. Credits to Katy for the original creation and to LilSister for finding this creation. It shouldn't cause a conflict with Katy's other stove, but all the additions are the same...table, pizza shovel and pizza's.
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    I've been practicing and this is one of the dresses I've made longer. I included most of the original textures and several of my own.
  5. That's wonderful news MM! Just take your time and don't push yourself until you are feeling a lot better....please! I just hate how short most of the EA dresses are. I started working on one yesterday, trying to learn how to use Blender. It's so much harder to use then MilkShape, but it has some wonderful features. I know I lengthened one dress awhile back but I just can not remember how to do some things.
  6. I was hoping you would do just that MM!
  7. I have noticed that too and I hope to try to change that. It's such a shame creators aren't more careful about this type of thing. Thanks Alet!
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    I converted my Nofowle Set from Sims 2 to Sims 4. I am always disappointed to find sets that have very little comfort value to them. To me this set looks very comfy. The comfort value is 10 for all three pieces. The chair was and EA item and I'd created the sofa and love seat to match. There are 15 textures all of which are shown in this image. In order to have the 10 comfort level I had to clone items from the Get Famous Expansion, so you will need that expansion installed to use these.
  9. I'm pretty sure that is a base game thing. I've never had a student need to do makeup work, so that part I haven't actually tested. It was just part of the coding so I included it.
  10. Thank Alet! No it does not include the University assignments....sorry. I've been looking at the files and there seem to be several different files. I tried the one I thought it would be but it did not seem to make it any faster. I will try to figure it out.
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    I checked for changes to these files and none were needed for January 17, 2020 update. This Sims 4 mod will allow Child and Teen Sims to not only do their homework faster, but also there Extra Credit and/or Makeup work much Faster. Extra Credit and Makeup work are a little longer then regular homework. This was created with the files from the Dec 2019 update. I use MCCC and have no conflict. The only conflict would be other homework mods.
  12. 9260 Happy New Year to everyone!
  13. I've never used it but it's posted on MTS click here
  14. I forgot that you will want your original neighborhoods too, if you can tell which folders they are you''ll want to copy those over too.
  15. I forgot "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\TSBin\Sims2EP9.exe" -W is what I have under my Sims 2 shortcut on my desktop and I start the game from that icon.
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