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  1. Thanks so much for fixing the it so we didn't have an adfly mesh, I really appreciate that! I agree with Alet it is a Beautiful dress!
  2. I love the dress, wish she'd put her meshes of simsfile share. Adfly scares me. Great job as always MM! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very pretty! I can't wait to check it out. Thanks
  4. Well the Sims community is very lucky to have your wonderful creations MM! You are doing a fantastic job!
  5. I don't understand why adfly does the things it does either. Thanks for fixing the link.
  6. Wouldn't it be best to give a direct download link to the mesh so people don't have to go through all that ad fly junk? You could also put a link to her post too. I had a terrible time finding the actual download on her site as well.
  7. I tried this one in game and you have so many beautiful bedding textures. 79 of them! Wow! The in game images truely do not do justice to your beautiful colors.
  8. Lovely recolors MM! Thanks for creating and sharing them. I will try to check these out in my game.
  9. Wow, you've really been a very busy lady MM! I am so proud of you. I agree with you on recolors of CC, unless the meshes are posted on Sims File Share. I don't have the Cat and Dog expansion so I can't check them out, but they really look beautiful and very well done.
  10. It doesn't seem like there is ever as much for the males as the females. Thanks for sharing these great recolors!
  11. Thanks for sharing with us! You find the coolest items to share!
  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recolors!
  13. Version - Sims 2


    I have checked all of these files and tested them with Sims Ultimate Collection. There are a few files of her original set that are missing but I do not feel they are very important. I removed one item which you could have your sims hang a purse on, it didn't work properly and looked silly. I have upgraded and fixed all the files included. You are no longer able to send a friend money via the Credit Card but you can still do that going to the bank and doing so at the terminal. The image is of the Fully Functional Bank found on MTS Click Here to download. I could not find a copy of Katy's oversized shopping bag, but the other items needed for the bank were still available. Thanks to Rizo for requesting these, and Thanks so much to LilSister for providing the files.
  14. Version - Sims 2


    I have created this in response to a request from Sunnyblue. Thank you for your request Sunnyblue! The original was created by Inge Jones, a fantastic creator, who has contributed many great things to the Sims community. The original was not pulling the bedding textures, and needed to be updated, and due to it's popularity I felt it was something worthy of the update. Credits to Inge Jones for the coding and the original idea, and to Sunnyblue for her request. Note: If you downloaded the version I had in the request area please delete it as it did not work properly. Also, this will conflict with inges version, so it must also be removed.
  15. Version - Sims 2


    Updated July 7, 2014: I found the sofa guids did not all get changed, please redownload. Two new meshes and 4 new textures, plus all of the Nofowle chair will work for these new meshes. To recolor you only need to recolor the Nofowle Chair. These were created in response to a private request from BBdoll. Thanks for the request BBdoll! Sofa is found with sofas for $1450, loveseat is $220.
  16. Version - Sims 2


    I added two more shorter buildings. I wanted a shorter office building for a neighborhood deco item. This is found under decorations/misc for neighborhood deco, for $0. I'm really not sure if this would require any expansions, but I have all expansions installed including the store edition. I added 2 more shorter buildings; Shorter building 2 Shorter building 3 ,
  17. Version - Sims 2


    I created this per a request from Broomhilda61. Thanks for the request Broomhilda! It works quite similar to a regular car and is found with cars for $20,000. It does require a driveway...sorry I could not get it to work without one. I did incorporate the spaceship sounds, but some of the car sounds still exist. I did remove the blue lighting looking portion so that you are able to see the sims sitting in it.
  18. Version - Sims 2


    While testing LilSister's recent post, I found the outfit her Sims was wearing was flawed. I felt is was worth fixing and creating some new recolors, 6 textures total. The original was by hnote, who is apparently a retired creator. I found other items by him/her on the graveyard. The mesh is included, which is by JuBeos (I believe). I don't use the hair that was included with LilSister's post, because it has 32,000 faces, which is an extreme number of faces for Sims 2 one tile item, and makes ones game run choppy. Credits to: LilSister for her very handsome Sims, hnote for his original recolor and JuBeos for his mesh.
  19. Version - Sims 2


    Updated June 22, 2014 I found some issues that generated an error, which may not have been seen if your don't play with testingcheats enabled. I also, tested this with an infant and it is in fact usable by infants too. It's been so many years since I created the first version, it's hard to remember things. I had a request to have my swing use the textures from the crib. It works the same as my older version, only the textures are pulled from the cheap crib. I didn't create images of all of the textures, but any recolors you have of the crib will also work for this swing. If is found with the child items for $50. Known issue: If the adult sims removes the child autonomously, the swing does not stop. There is however, an option to stop it manually.
  20. Version - Sims 2


    I have converted many of the items from the TS3 Provence Set. No expansions should be required. TS3 to TS2 conversion. Bread Box - $25 found under sculptures Ceiling Light - $65 Dining Chair 1 - $350 Dining Chair 2 - $350 Dining Table - $690 Table Sculpture - $350 found under sculptures Sink - $355 Stove - $1000 Wall Basket - $145 wall hangings Wall Shelf - $300 wall hangings Wash Basins - $50 found under sculptures I have not converted the mirror, living chair, sofa nor coffee table.
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