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  1. Correct at least that is what I understand. I only deleted a couple of my files then I thought well why do that, it's best to just keep them where they are. Until we know what one's they actually get rid of.
  2. Well I'm concerned about everyone's but I just don't feel I can get them all done.
  3. That's a great ideal Karen. Are you putting them back on our site? This seems like so much work and I am really quite disappointed that this is happening. I thought SimFileShare was suppose to be a safe long term place to keep our files.
  4. I think that's a great idea LilSister, even if you just order the things you don't need to pick out, like veggies etc. At my Walmart the Fresh fruits etc are at the front of the store so I could go in and just pick those things out myself, and or the meat. Walmart doesn't charge any extra to shop for the groceries and it's just so much safer. The stores here are always so full of people who just do not seem to care, and that scares me the most. Gosh I'm sorry you had such a scare, and I sure hope and pray everyone is safe from this virus.
  5. I understand about picking your own fruits and veggies...but so far Walmart has always given me nice picks. The Walmart here doesn't deliver yet but I believe they are working on getting that. Last time I picked up my groceries the young lady that put them in my car said that if I knew anyone looking for a job they are hiring at $11.50 per hour to start. I really love the option to pick up my groceries there. They don't charge extra and the people who load the groceries don't accept tips. If they are out of something that I order they will substitute with something better. Like I ordered a bag of salad for $1.74 and they were out so they gave me two bags of another brand the was $3.75 each but only charged me the $1.74 for both the one I'd ordered was like 22 oz. and they ones I got were 18 oz. So I really got a great deal on that one. I agree is is not wise or safe to go places where there are large gatherings of people. Michigan requires us to wear a mask to go into any stores too. I'm in an apartment complex too, but I have an apartment size portable washer I got it on Amazon for only $109 four years ago. I had to hide it in the closet at my former apartment complex cause we weren't suppose to have washers...but I do think they meant full size washers. I didn't want to take a chance that they would tell me I couldn't have it. My new apartment has washer and dryer hookups so I'm all set there. Stephanie has a dryer she said I could have but I really don't feel I need it right now. The little spin basket spins out about 80% of the water. I can't wash my bed spread in it but I can fit a set of sheets in it. I feel it has paid for itself over the last few years as it was $3.00 to wash a load and $1.25 to dry. If I have to go to a store which I've only done a couple of times I go at 7 am when it is for high risk customers. Most stores her have the first hour dedicated to seniors and high risk customers. I pray you all stay safe and free of this terrible virus.
  6. I haven't gone to any restaurants nor any bars etc. I'm just to afraid to go to any of those types of places. I don't go into a grocery store, I order mine and just pick them up at Walmart or get them delivered. Walmart is cheaper so I try to get as much as I can through them.
  7. Thank you for enjoying them and telling me about it.
  8. Delete the files, especially the with NPC in the name. For some reason the game writes things to this file and it messes with the way the horse works. Then replace it with a new copy. It might actually be best to just delete them all and replace them with a fresh copy.
  9. You are very welcome LilSister!
  10. You are very welcome Alet! Thanks you for your gratitude.
  11. I am doing better thanks LIlSister. I moved a couple of weeks ago and did something really stupid. My daughter Stephanie packed everything up and my other daughter Melissa's husband and my grandson moved everything for me. I had been sitting by the door to open and close it when they needed to get back in the building as it required a key card which did not work very well. Well once the truck was filled I went up to my apartment and there was one of those little red wagons sitting in the kitchen and I went to sit on the edge of it and I went down and the wagon jammed up against the cupboards and my head and neck hit really hard. I heard a crack and thought I'd broke my neck, it sure felt like it for awhile. So I've been in a bit of pain for the last couple of weeks and still have not gotten everything unpacked. My daughter Melissa was coming over most every night after work to help unpack but now she hurt right elbow at work somehow so she hasn't been able to help out for this past week. I am just sorry it took so long for me to finish this. I did not care for the door Mamy had as it had holes in it. It just seemed like I was having a lot of problems with it. I finally got it working but I'm really not totally happy with how it works. Thanks Alet for your concern and prayers.
  12. 28 downloads

    I created the for LilSister from our request forum. Thanks for the request LilSister! It is a one tile closet door. Found with dressers it sells for $400. I used one of EA doors and most of the recolors are the same as the original door I did add a few more recolors. I fixed the door size and the door opening.
  13. I'm sorry it's taking so long. I seem to have forgot how to do get a new texture added in. I'm really not sure where I went wrong but my file is not longer working and I guess I'll have to start over. Sorry!
  14. No problem, happy to help. Sorry I still haven't done anything with recolors. I haven't been feeling the best, but I will try to get to it soon.
  15. Please don't push yourself too much MM, but I do look forward to seeing some more of you beautiful recolors. Wow that is really hot it's been in the 90's here and that's pretty miserable, I don't even want to imagine 110°.
  16. Thanks LilSister! I have done some work on this but not totally happy with the results. I have it a one tile but the animations still look to open a double door Armoire. I'll add what I have to this post so you can try it out. I did it a few days ago and just haven't been able to get back to it. I does not conflict with Marmy's I created a new item, but used the same door and clothing rack. I haven't tried to set up recolors or anything yet either. I'll try to get to that as soon as I'm able to do so. BecksSingleCloset.zip
  17. I'll see what I can do on this LilSister.
  18. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    Oh my goodness MM you made me laugh right out loud! You have some of the funniest stories I've ever heard. I'm sure this wasn't too funny to you, but I'm glad you are ok as well as Jake. At least I sure hope your are.
  19. 28 downloads

    This is the Bespoke Colonial Windows Set with a Clear Bottom Pane. There are 24 windows and 24 of the diagonal version of the windows. You must have Honeywell's master file in your downloads in order for these to work. I suggest you install her full set found here: Click Here I will try to add more images later but short on time right now. These were requested by Zeddman123 in our request area.
  20. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    I got a message through the site I can't remember exactly who it was sent to but by default any emails that are addressed to say admin@affinitysims.com come to me. I think Dave was trying to respond to a message you'd sent him Alet as it did have your name on it. Hard to explain, but I sure am grateful he got it to us somehow.
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