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  1. I'm sorry Charity I don't remember, but I don't think I did anything special for the plant sims.
  2. Rebecah

    Request from Guest

    I'm sorry I really can't make a monkey.
  3. Oh gosh I think that is great news Karen! I will pray for you both! I just feel you will be a lot safer having him home every night.
  4. Rebecah

    New Places!

    Pewamo, Michigan
  5. Star Wars won't be released for a couple more days. The mod is version 1.66 as of today.
  6. Rebecah

    New Places!

    Union Pier, MI
  7. Thank you for enjoying them and telling me about it.
  8. Delete the files, especially the with NPC in the name. For some reason the game writes things to this file and it messes with the way the horse works. Then replace it with a new copy. It might actually be best to just delete them all and replace them with a fresh copy.
  9. You are very welcome Alet! Thanks you for your gratitude.
  10. 106 downloads

    I created the for LilSister from our request forum. Thanks for the request LilSister! It is a one tile closet door. Found with dressers it sells for $400. I used one of EA doors and most of the recolors are the same as the original door I did add a few more recolors. I fixed the door size and the door opening.
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