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  1. Toddler and Children Make Fewer Messes

    I found I was having to clean up messes that the toddlers and children make just far to often, so I created this mod.
    Thanks so much to Alet for testing it.
    This is compatible with the newest version of Sims 4




  2. Write Songs Faster - Sims 4 - Updated March 7, 2021

    There was no change needed for the February 2021 update.
    There was a minor change needed for this file Jan 27, 2021.
    This is another of the items that I felt was very unrealistic, time wise.  I was disappointed not to be able to find a mod that worked for these either.  It's taken me a few weeks to get it figured out.  I found an outdated one on MTS but it didn't work.  
    The trick seemed to be I had to add the resume options to the file also.  I didn't know we could even resume the music until I studied this.  But I did find the resume is not an actual resume, it takes almost as long to do a resume as it does to write a song.  I would get so frustrated when a sims had to go to work or school and I'd loose all that work. 
    There are sheet music sheets created in your sims inventory that can now also be done quickly.  They do have to be songs that have been written...not Lyrics or Jingles.  I've been working on those options too, but have not been able to get them much faster.
    This mod works for guitar, violin, piano, keyboard, and the organ.  
    This mod is only for writing songs.  This does not help with writing lyric, I've tried to get one for the lyrics but I am unable to get one that helps with them.




  3. Faster Homework, Extra Credit & Makeup Work - March 5, 2021

    I checked for changes to these files and no changes were needed for February 2021 update.
    I checked for changes to these files and none were needed for January 17, 2020 update.
    This Sims 4 mod will allow Child and Teen Sims to not only do their homework faster, but also there Extra Credit and/or Makeup work much Faster.  
    Extra Credit and Makeup work are a little longer then regular homework.  
    I use MCCC and have no conflict.  The only conflict would be other homework mods.




  4. Sims Learn Skills Faster Mod - Sims 4 - March 5, 2021

    I have checked this file for changes on February, 2021 and no changes were needed for this update.
    I do not believe this will ever need to have any changes.
    I looked to try to find a current mod to allow Sims to learn skills faster and could not find one that was up to date.  So I made my own, well I updated the one created by Shrimod101 at MTS - Click Here
    I didn't actually use his settings, I just played with the settings until I found ones that worked well for me.  The Sims learn the skills quite fast but not instantly.  The thing is you must give your Sims the Savant Aspiration Reward in order for this mod to work.

    I was not able to find an easy way for sims to learn the skills faster without using the Savant Reward.




  5. Aspiration Reward - Mods - Sims 4 - March 5, 2021

    I checked for changes in the February 2021 update and these files are updated as changes were needed!
    I recently started playing Sims 4 again and I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of words that have decent-sized lots, and oh my goodness the toddlers are so darn adorable.    
    I looked to try to find a current mod to make the Aspiration Rewards cheaper and could not find one that was up to date.  So I made my own.
    Important:  There are 2 different flavors in the zip file - You must choose one and only one to put into your Mod folders for Sims 4.
    There is a Free version which you are able to purchase them for 0 points.

    One that they will all cost 10 points each



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  6. Another Pizza Oven - Sims 2 - Updated April 19, 2020

    Thanks to LilSister I found that part of the GUIDs did not get changed which caused the stove that had been cloned to not be usable.  I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. 
    When Dawn first requested a more modern pizza over I googled Modern Pizza Oven and found this one:  

    I knew I couldn't create something like this with MilkShape, so I have been trying to learn how to use Blender.  I have found the new 2.8 version to be an very powerful program.  Even better than Max 3d (which I used to use).  I really wanted to use Blender to create shadows, but unfortunately I was not able to accomplish this to my satisfaction.  I was however happy with the mesh I was able to create.  
    I have made a few changes as to how the pizza oven works.  I wasn't happy with how fast the old version cooked the pizza's   Sims really couldn't earn cooking skills and it just didn't seem very realistic.  I changes how some of the animation to make the Pizza and the Maxis version I made a few changes.  
    I added a couple of deco slots one on the bottom and one on the very top.
    I hope some of you find this to be a useful item.
    Video shows how long it takes to make the pizzas and at the end it shows all of the recolors.




  7. PCSims Pizza Oven - Updated and repaired

    Another useful creation by Katy, that I have fixed and updated.
    Stove no longer bleeds into other objects, and is placed on two tile instead of one.
    I also, added a dirty state.
    I did rename to files to remove all blank spaces, so please be sure to remove any items you may already have in your download folder.
    Stove is found under stoves for $2000.
    Credits to Katy for the original creation and to LilSister for finding this creation.




  8. JIA's Curtains - New Sizes and Bedding Texture Version - Sofa Pillow

    I have made several changes to jia's curtain, and added a closed version, and short version, each version pulls their textures from the original curtain.
    I have also, included 3 recolors, a brown, tan and a pink floral.
    I have also made a version that pulls its textures from bedding textures.
    I needed a sofa pillow for my house recreation, and have included that with this post, as it's textures are pulled from the jia regular curtain.
    Bedding texture curtains have a price of 1 simoleon.
    Jia Curtains remakes are priced at 5 simoleons.
    The pillow is found under decorative/sculptures for 3 simoleons. 
    Note if you have jia's original curtain in your downloads folder please remove it, as it will cause a conflict.




  9. Wood Chopping Fallen Birch Tree

    Updated November 11, 2014 - Thanks to Alraris for making me aware the logs were not working for businesses.
    I created this per a request from Hydromancerx. Thanks Hydromancerx for the request!

    You find this item under Knowledge/Misc for $100. Sims chop wood to gain body skill, enthusiasm in nature and fun, they also, earn logs which go into their inventory, each set of logs may be sold for $100. Their energy, and hygiene are reduced while chopping the wood. Body temp increase. After 8 times of chopping wood, the fallen tree will disappear.

    Custom Sound and animations.




  10. Fix of Holy Simoley Bette Living Room Set

    Additional Recolors:  Added October 8, 2014.    
    This beautiful sofa set by Holy Simoley, has been fixed to allow the uvmapping lay out of textures to work more like the uvmap he had.  I have attached images to show how far off the uvmapping was, I'm not sure why this happened as his uvmap image, that he had included in his original file. looked good, but somehow something changed it.
    I have fixed the UVMapping, for all three mesh files.
    Updated to newer expansions, added all of the missing cushion morphs, removed unnecessary parts of the files and compressed all of the files.
    Any existing recolors will work for this fixed set, and should actually look better.  
    I've included two recolors, I used a plaid to be sure the lines all lined up.  They aren't perfect for the back of the sofa, but they are as close as I was able to get them.
    All prices were left the same as HS had set them, with the sofa price set at $1610, loveseat at $1410, and the chair at $1110.
    File Becks-HolySimoly_Bette_RC_HKitty.zip is the Hello Kitty recolor and the Becks-HolySimoly_Bette_RC_FloralStripe.zip is a floral and stripe recolor.


    Note:  Be sure to remove any other copies of these mesh files from your download folder, as these would cause a conflict.




  11. Antique Singer Sewing Machine

    Updated June 29, 2014; to reduce the sewing time, for all items.  Thanks to LilSister's post.
    July 2, 2014: Added Medium Speed which takes the Sims about an hour to complete the larger items.  File name BecksSewingMachineFT-MediumSpeed.zip.  
    The file BecksSewingMachineFT.zip is a very fast mode.
    I created this in response to a request from LilSister.  The mesh is by cokenasmile and is posted here.
    I have cut in half, the length of time it takes for Sims to earn the sewing badges, and the time it takes to create the items they sew.
    I did make changes to the original mesh and created a recolor.

    It is found under knowledge/misc for $950.
    Known issues:  When sewing an outfit you are not able to choose what you want to sew, it will however, create a bundle of clothing that you may sell, and places it in the Sims inventory.  I did not test this in a business situation, so if you do find issues...please do let me know.  All files within the zip are needed in order to make this work.  There is also a separate matching chair that is found under dining chairs for $25, which pulls it's textures from the sewing machine.




  12. Bespoke Colonial Windows Clear Bottom Pane - Sims 2

    This is the Bespoke Colonial Windows Set with a Clear Bottom Pane.  There are 24 windows and 24 of the diagonal version of the windows.
    You must have Honeywell's master file in your downloads in order for these to work.  I suggest you install her full set found here:  Click Here
    I will try to add more images later but short on time right now.  
    These were requested by Zeddman123 in our request area.


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  13. One Tile Closet - Updated July 24, 2020

    I created the for LilSister from our request forum.  Thanks for the request LilSister!
    It is a one tile closet door.  Found with dressers it sells for $400.  
    I used one of EA doors and most of the recolors are the same as the original door I did add a few more recolors.  
    I fixed the door size and the door opening.




  14. Playable Flutes

    I created these in response to a request from FractureMoonlight.
    Sims gain enthusiasm for Music and Creativity skills, they also have an option to play for money sitting or standing.  They earn $20 each time they use this option.


    I want to thank everyone who helped make these pretty cool items, with their suggestions and help.   
    Sims also are able to dance to the music.  (Custom sounds included).  
    There are two different flutes, but they both do pretty much the same thing.
    They are found under Knowledge/Creativity for $50 each.
    Mesh and textures are by Sandy at http://sims2.aroundthesims3.com/
    Please note these are my custom animations and they are not perfect, if you are unhappy with them please don't use the item.  I do the best I can.




  15. Antique Sofa Set S3 to S2 plus Loveseat

    Another nice Living Room Set, found by Mission Mouse, that needed repair and cushion morphs.  I also, create a loveseat that pulls it's textures from the sofa.
    Curtains are set at $150
    Sofa is set at $650
    Loveseat is $450
    Chair is $400
    Lounge Chair is $330
    I have included one recolor and anticipate more recolors from Mission Mouse.
    Note: If you have the version by tethys, please do remove it as it will cause a conflict.
    Credits:  Mission Mouse for finding the set, and tethys for the set she created.
    I have included a set of masks for anyone who would like to recolor this set.  They are only needed if you wish to create recolors.




  16. Updated Driveable Wheelie

    I created this in response to a request from someone201, back in August of 2007, which was before I understood assignment of vertices.
    I have now update it to work properly as a vehicle.  
    It is found under vehicles for $5000.
    The lights are a bit strange, but needed for night time driving.    
    I have been working on other objects that others have created, and realized maybe I should work on some of my own too.    




  17. Updated - Chandler for Sims 2

    Updated July 14, 2014:  Thanks to LilSister finding that the craftable items were also, showing up for the pottery wheel I have made changes to the 4 craftable items.  Please be sure to remove your older copies and replace them with the new upload.  
    This is something I started creating over 2 years ago and it's finally finished.  I started this as a project with G-Knee at PBK for a contest, but was unable to get it working until recently.  The meshes are mostly by G-Knee and the coding and effects are by myself.  (The fire effect requires the AL expansion.)
    Thanks to pykkadilly for requesting and testing this!

    Sims gain creativity and are able to make one or many of the 4 items pictured below.

    Once completed the item will go into your sims inventory which can then be placed within the lot and the candles do light except for the hanging candle.





  18. Animated Butter Churn

    Found under Hobbies/Misc for $50.
    Sims churn bowls of butter that maybe sold for $5 or put away in the fridge.
    Free time version gives enthusiasm for cuisine, both versions give cooking skill.

    Thanks so much to everyone in our Affinity Testing Team for testing this item.
    Thanks to rugrat0ne for the request.




  19. Shorter Office Buildings

    I added two more shorter buildings.
    I wanted a shorter office building for a neighborhood deco item.  
    This is found under decorations/misc for neighborhood deco, for $0.


    I'm really not sure if this would require any expansions, but I have all expansions installed including the store edition.
    I added 2 more shorter buildings;
    Shorter building 2 

    Shorter building 3





  20. Drivable UFO Car

    I created this per a request from Broomhilda61.  Thanks for the request Broomhilda!
    It works quite similar to a regular car and is found with cars for $20,000.  It does require a driveway...sorry I could not get it to work without one.
    I did incorporate the spaceship sounds, but some of the car sounds still exist.
    I did remove the blue lighting looking portion so that you are able to see the sims sitting in it.






  21. Bonsai Tree Stump Mailbox Replacement - AL Required

    This is a global mod to replace both residential and apartment mailboxes, with a Bonsai Stump.

    You must have my fallen Bonsai Tree in you downloads folder for the texture. It is found here: Click Here

    You may only have one global mailbox mod in your game at a time.

    Thanks to Nonni for the request and for the following images. If you like this please be sure to click her thanks button.




    Pay Bills:




  22. TS3 Provence Set - Converted to TS4

    I have converted the TS3 Provence Set that I converted for Sims 2.
    Dining Chair #2 - $150 - Comfort 10 
    Dining Chair solid - $150 - Comfort 8
    Living Room Chair - $3000 - Comfort 10
    Ceiling Light - $200
    Buffet - $325  - Has extra slots for object placement
    Side Table - $300 - Has extra slots for object placement
    Pails (under statues) - $400 - Environment 5
    Bread Box (under statues) - $50 - Environment 10
    Hanging Basket - $50 
    Shelf - $50 - not pictured 
    Mirror - $150 + charisma
    Sink - $500 - Hygiene 6 Reliability 8
    Sofa - $5000 - Comfort 10
    Coffee Table - $110
    Dining Table - $200 - Top remeshed to allow for the design to work.
    Love Seat - $4000 - Comfort 10 - was not a part of the set it is something I created from the sofa mesh
    The LIving Room Sofa, Chair, Loveseat and the Dining Table require Get Famous.
    I believe the rest are all basegame except the Shelf & Hanging Basket which requires Get Together.
    With the exception of the Hanging Basket all items have at least 8 textures included.


    EA Set:

    My Set;






  23. Modern Pizza Oven - Sims 2

    I had a request, from Dawn, for a more modern pizza oven for the set by Katy that I updated sometime ago.  Found Here.
    I'm not sure if this is more modern but it sure looks a lot better to me.  It is the TS3 pizza oven converted to work with this set.  I included a few recolors nothing spectacular but I hope someone likes it. 
    I set this oven to only be used to make pizza's, unlike the old version.
    Stove is found under stoves for $2000.
    Credits to Katy for the original creation and to LilSister for finding this creation.
    It shouldn't cause a conflict with Katy's other stove, but all the additions are the same...table, pizza shovel and pizza's.




  24. Jesus Drawings

    I created these in response to a request from Karen in our request area, I wanted to separate the frame from the picture to give everyone more color options.  I also, located a couple of more images.
      Images are drawing by Jean Keaton - Click here to view her site.   I have created templates for the simpe Photo Studio, so that these are easy to recolor.    Templates must be placed in your simpe folder under the Data folder.  Mine are located here:  C:\Program Files (x86)\SimPE\Data   You would need to have the mesh files in your download folder to use them in Photo Studio.     These are found under wall hangings for $150.     The colored recolors are recolors, I created to test my templates.       Credits and thanks to Karen for the request and for finding the images.        




  25. Gourmet Pet Food

    I created this in response to a request from LilSister.  I felt it was a great idea, and had a lot of fun creating it, with LilSister's help and input.
    I cloned the Chef's Salad, but have made several coding changes.  It is available anytime of the day, but Sims must have at least a level 3 cooking skill.

    If your Sims has a food processor they will use that, but are able to make it without one also.

    Mixing bowl and processed in food processor.

    Once completed Sims will set the bowl on the floor, at this point the bowl becomes a pet food dish.  Which changes how the food works a bit.  I believe the food stay permanently, but will spoil if you download the spoils version.  I have made two version as I felt the food spoiled to fast.  The file that does not end in spoils will never spoil, which I know is unrealistic, but I wanted to give everyone a choice.  You must only use one of the other do not try to use both versions in your game.


    Pets who are hungry will be attracted to eat it, as long as they have not be trained to only eat pet food.  Sim may call their pet to eat too, there is also an option to clean up and an option for the Sims to eat it.  Some Sims will have a want eat the gourmet pet food, so I felt I had to add this option, as I was not able to remove the want trigger.

    Sims eating.

    Pets don't need to eat very much of this to fill their hunger needs, and they also gain comfort and social.
    Credits and thanks to LilSister for the idea and for helping with testing and additional options.




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