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  1. Delete the files, especially the with NPC in the name.  For some reason the game writes things to this file and it messes with the way the horse works.  Then replace it with a new copy.  It might actually be best to just delete them all and replace them with a fresh copy.

  2. I have updated the download link.  I've been moving files to the SimsFileShare site and much have made a mistake.  It is not the correct file.  Thanks so much for your help!

  3. yes unfortunately that's the only thing we can do it use the Hash Generator, GUIDs are no longer available :( which makes it very difficult to create new items for TS2.  I'll try to figure it out, but don't understand what it might be.

  4. Thanks Alet and Dawn!  I'm so happy to know you are pleased with it.  I did have to do some resizing to the ts3 mesh so that it was the right level and large enough for the pizza peel/shovel  to fit.  Thanks for sharing the link you created, and for sharing our link here, and sharing the in game images.  It always warms my heart to know I could give a little joy to someone.  

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