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  1. 12 minutes ago, Mission Mouse said:

    Neither giving up nor dying are on my "to do list" or my "bucket list".

    Ain't got time for that, too many Sims2 and Sims4 projects to do.

    I'm so happy to know this.  :)  


    Did you install the Nivida DDS tool?  I'm attaching my SimPE folder.  I keep it on my main drive C, in the root directory.  Not under program files.  Then I created my own shortcut to the simpe.exe file.


    It sounds like simpe isn't finding your folders.  


    I hope this helps.  I'm not really awake yet, going back to sleep.


  2. I think I found them all so far.  I found googling the files works better then to search on here.


    Cool on the swatch files.  :)


    I've been working on the Sims 2 furniture and I've finished quite a lot of it.  I have fixed all the links to my mesh files too.  I have found a couple of files are missing and there were a couple of files that the rar file was corrupt.  I sent you a message concerning the two corrupt rar's and will send you a list of items I do not find the files for.

  3. I have run into several issues with the Sims 2 furniture recolors.  Several of your recolors were of things I had fixed and I just can not find them any where.  I'm still looking but not having much success.  I tried to restore an older version of AffinitySims but I can't get any of them to work.  I'm not sure if it is because they were used with an older version of wamp64 of what is causing wamp not to run correctly.  


    I had created a fix for Joseni's blanket and if I remember correctly I also made a different size.  


    I found it, I actuallly posted it here

  4. I just don't think that is a good idea, the Sims 2 things really are getting old and there is so much information that it would be best not to lose.  I understand what you are saying but why do all that work when it is unnecessary.  I so glad you had the files that were missing though.  I think it would be best to wait and see, how things will go.  If you wouldn't mind that is.  

  5. Well now something is totally blowing my mind.  I have checked several of the files you removed and they are coming up as being on SFS, and I can download them but I can not actually find the location of said files.  I just do not understand, so maybe it isn't necessary for you to repost all of your files.  MM that is a huge project and will be so confusing, I will do what I can to help.  I am so disappointed you are not able to work on uploading your new creations for Sims 4.  

  6. I just found that the adult clothing recolors got missed for version numbers.  I edited all of your recent uploads to remove them and fixed the setting.  If you happen to notice a version number when you post like the image please let me know so I can fix it. It is towards the bottom of the page. VersionNumber.jpg

  7. The other day I was checking to see if any of your files were still on line and I did find several that were for example this one:   But it seems to have disappeared now.  I am uploading it so I can get it fixed again.  I hope that is ok.


  8. Yes, you did do the soft delete, that's why the database stayed the same size.  I am actually quite happy you did that.  I restored a couple but I need to try to find my meshes to a couple of them.  I found the 4esf files but I think I had them posted in the forums under the files I fixed.  I think when I was trying to remove some of the older posts in the forums they got removed.  I have been working on restoring a backup of the site to see if there is anything in that that will help me.  I would really like to restore all of you download posts, but put them in hidden mode so that we can see what was posted etc.  I would love to help with this if you wouldn't mind.  I am a bit busy during the week helping Brian with his school work, but I can help out some at night and on the weekends.   Does any of this sound okay to you?  I also, got out one of my backup hard drives and I have a lot of your files on that.  I was thinking the Sims 4 files might be the ones to get back as they seem to be the most popular right now.  At least I think so, not sure on that though.  

  9. Oh gosh I'm so sorry you had so much trouble with your game today.  I was checking your files earlier and I found a few that have the file, but 2 of them were for things I fixed and my mesh files is missing.  I also, got the people from Invision to tell me why our database stayed the same size after deleting so much.  We have a soft delete setting that keeps everything for a couple of weeks.

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