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  1. Sorry it is probably late in the day for you, more like evening, but I hope you have had a beautiful day on your birthday!  We are so very blessed to have you as one of our staff for many years.  May you yourself have many blessings to come this next year.

  2. This reminds me of a mother who had lost her son she said "always blessings never losses".  She would think about how blessed she was that God allowed her to have her son in her life for as long as he did.  I'm not sure I could think that way all the time, but she was an inspiration to me.


    Big hugs MM!

  3. No I have the full version.  Screenshot show just a few of the files the game removes.



    I know the first time it did this it asked me if I wanted to restore the original files and I said yes.  Well I lost all my save games, it was a huge mess.  I kind quit playing after that.

    Screenshot 2021-09-16 045722.jpg

  4. 8 minutes ago, MaAlet said:

    That is weird! I wonder why  that's happening.


    Every time the game starts it removes the save game files and a bunch of other files.  I've looked to see what they are and when the game ends it does the same thing, or similar.  I thought I had the Sims 4 folder not set to keep in sync, but I guess I was wrong.  I really dislike this feature of the game.

  5. Sometimes there are hidden things that are in the file too, but I can't really explain it.  I am starting my game to see which expansions I don't have, and it is doing a huge update.  I haven't started the game in a really long time.  Unfortunately with Brian's new schooling and my having been so sick the last few days which has put him even farther behind, I am so cramped for time.  :(  


    I don't have Cottage Living which I can tell is requires.  I don't have The Star Wars and Dream Home Packs nor any of the Kits.


    I am concerned about the huge jump in price for the software we are using for our website too.  I'm not sure what to do about that right now, but it was a huge disappointment to read that email.  We can use it without updating the license every 6 months, but it's not really safe.  


    I hate how starting the Sims 4 game deletes lots of files and my Google Drive goes a bit crazy about along with my one drive.  :(


  6. Thanks so very much for adding the links.  I would love to see you keep us updated about the houses you put up.  I wish it would work for you to put them on here, but it just does not seem to work to add them to one's game.  If it's not too much trouble please do put more pic's up.

  7. I mean the links in your post of the houses are not going to the houses.  You did have some links to some of your first houses and they did work fine.  I totally understand about not have older items.  I've lost a lot too form bad hard drives.  I copy most things to and external drive but then I still have trouble find things, and I never find the things I really want.

  8. I'm not sure how to do that.  I do not see a place to sort by Maxis only except under the Advanced option.  I did click the follow you on one of you links in this post.  I can get to the lots that you have a link to but that's it.  I was using your Sweden link and translating it to English so I tried going to the American site, the Image is what I found...no lots :)


    Oh gosh you took away all your links.  I know the images went away yesterday but the links were the only way I could find them.  







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