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    Mission Mouse

    I'm not sure if Alet sent me the message but Dave said the following: to Affinity Sorry everybody. My computer is in the shop for repairs so my computer time is limited Hope to add to the count Soon David I am so happy to know he is alright.
  2. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    I do really care that each and every one of you is doing well. I really appreciate seeing when each of you posts something. I sure hope Dave is ok, here the angels are so close to the 10,000 and he hasn't been on for quite sometime.
  3. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    That sounds like a good plan LilSister. It is best to stay safe! I'm so glad you are doing well, and it is great that you are able to work from home.
  4. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    Oh ok I thought that was what you meant. LOL I sure hope he is ok thought.
  5. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    I haven't actually heard from her but she did send me the money for the site. I sure hope they are both ok. I did not realize that Dave who posts the angels is MM's Dave.
  6. Oh gosh I hope you find my new ones. I think they are much better.
  7. Rebecah

    Mission Mouse

    Has anyone heard from MissionMouse? I can't get a hold of her for a few days now. I'm getting worried.
  8. I have updated the download link. I've been moving files to the SimsFileShare site and much have made a mistake. It is not the correct file. Thanks so much for your help!
  9. ok the wedding vow item is the wrong item. I will have to investigate what happen to the actual file. Thanks so much for letting me know.
  10. This is a Sims 2 item you know that right? You may not have an expansion that is needed.
  11. They are found under Knowledge/Creativity for $50 each.
  12. Gosh that really sucks MM. I've not had any problems with any of the Win 10 updates, knock on wood.
  13. I found it wasn't actually this oven that was causing the problem it was my one tile pizza oven. I have updated it! Thanks so very much for bringing this to my attentions LilSis!
  14. yes unfortunately that's the only thing we can do it use the Hash Generator, GUIDs are no longer available which makes it very difficult to create new items for TS2. I'll try to figure it out, but don't understand what it might be.
  15. Hmmm that is possible LilSis! Please let me know if changing the guid helps
  16. This is fantastic! So happy you have some thing you want to work on. I wish I could get back my creativity bug....It just seems to have wandered off again.
  17. I don't know how Nvidia tools looks for anything. I don't think it has that capability. Nvidia tools is something other programs use.
  18. Thank you so very much! It's always nice to know someone enjoys my work.
  19. Wow, the textures are stunning! I personally don't care for the mesh...I wonder if it would be hard to fix it. The waist is just too far off from a normal waist line.
  20. If you can't get it on SimsFileShare just put the files on here then move them later on down the road when the site is working.
  21. Rebecah

    Buyable Soap

    This is something different! Great job Gina!
  22. Best of luck to you Karen! I pray it all goes well!
  23. 200 downloads

    This is another of the items that I felt was very unrealistic, time wise. I was disappointed not to be able to find a mod that worked for these either. It's taken me a few weeks to get it figured out. I found an outdated one on MTS but it didn't work. The trick seemed to be I had to add the resume options to the file also. I didn't know we could even resume the music until I studied this. But I did find the resume is not an actual resume, it takes almost as long to do a resume as it does to write a song. I would get so frustrated when a sims had to go to work or school and I'd loose all that work. There are sheet music sheets created in your sims inventory that can now also be done quickly. They do have to be songs that have been written...not Lyrics or Jingles. I've been working on those options too, but have not been able to get them much faster. This mod works for guitar, violin, piano, keyboard, and the organ.
  24. Oh gosh that is something, Jake is such a great dog. I just hope and pray you feel better MM! Take care!
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