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  1. Ah yes the default replacements were some of the really bad skins.  I thought HP was quite thorough on her work though. 


    Oh yes Lisa, I'd be happy to check them out for you.


    Is the baby dragon working okay for you, I still have not played long enough for the cage to get dirty.   Have you?

  2. I can't say for sure that it is a skin, but I do know there are a lot of bad skins in the community, nor can I say for sure it is hair.  If you'd like to send me copies of what you have in your downloads I would be happy to take a look at them.

  3. This was the request image, we were going for a cute baby dragon.  



    A stack error is usually caused by an object not having the Main BHAV setup correctly, or object functions not having a correct call to a BHAV.  You find this a lot in custom curtains.  Skins maybe incorrectly made, I would say the skin would be the more likely corrupt item, but hair can be corrupt also.

  4. I did add a controller file and Lisa your testing did help me find an issue in the carry option too.  Thank you!  This is why I feel it is important to have all files checked by others before they are posted.  Well not recolors as those don't cause any issues, but objects for the game could, or they may not work properly.  Thanks again Lisa!


    Thanks Nonni!  You are always so very supportive and I really appreciate your support.  :grin:  

  5. Lisa are you sure it is working okay in the clean game?  There is a controller file that maybe causing issues.  The other dragon creator did not use a new one.  It might be necessary to create a new one for this item.  All of my other animal files did require a new npc controller, but I wasn't sure if the bird would need it.  I did test the watch and taught it to talk, and the feed option and I didn't have a problem so I thought maybe the controller file was working okay without making changes to a new one.   I didn't check the carry around option.  I will double check this.  


    I have tried to be sure the files are safe here, but this has caused a problem for me with another creator, so I felt I should just let others tell this person, about the issues.  Some people just don't seem to care, or they feel it works okay.  I am concerned that maybe I care too much too.  You see some things may work okay, but they are not done correctly and I'm not positive just how important it is to everyone.  Sadly we do have some recent files that I would not recommend.  


    Thank you so much for testing and reporting your finding Lisa.


    I did add 3 deco slots for the bird cage, and updated my catalog settings so there are going to be some new changes.  I had to fix some of the water textures too.



  6. If any of you would like to test what I do have I would really appreciate it, and please let me know what else you feel it needs.


    I did add 4 morphs, as MS will only allow for 4, the bird has 6 morphs.  The eye movements, was the main one I'd wanted and it does work even though it was the 6th morph.  I left out a tail spread morph and I can't remember which other one I didn't feel was really needed.  I believe I have the wing assignments better but they are still not perfect.


    The cage is from TS3 and is an open log cage.








    I haven't played long enough for the cage to need cleaning and I'm not sure the drawer works properly, please do let me know if it does not.


    See later post for new version of files.

  7. I couldn't use the dragon's by witheredlilies, there were just too many issues with the files.  I felt it was easier to start from a new clone.


    I still want to work on the wings and the assignment of the vertices, but I tried to make TS3 dragon fatter, and shortened his shout, removed a lot of the horns, and the teeth.  I can't seem to make them as cute as the images I believe it was Lisa that shared it.  But here is what I have so far.









  8. Thanks G-Knee, it has been a long time, and I'm happy you are back. 


    I believe I am happy with the A Frame finally, sorry I take a long time trying to perfect things, but hopefully you all will be happy with it.


    Removed file.  Files are now posted in the download area.


  9. The perform only uses the successful option and does not do multiple sessions.


    Hmmm, I don't know what else I can do as I only have it checking for dogs.  That maybe something I can't change, but I will look at it again.


    Thanks!  I really appreciate your input.


    There isn't a test to check the dogs motives, but I just finished going through the PS Dog Show Story and see that the train was only one session, so I may change that.  I also, see the Sims did other animations when training, I intend to try to find those animations.

  10. If you want it to work as a toasting item it needs to be coded.  If you only want it as a deco item, no coding is required.  I've been going through the code and there is a lot to it, but I did start working on it.


    Well I found that the guid for the glass was very similar to the guid for the bottle, so there wasn't so much coding after all, just a few blocks.  I will send you a copy to test LilSis.

  11. I found a toasting set under party items.  Thanks Simon!

    Okay I can make one of these, but there is a lot of coding that will be required, and to be fair I need to get my other projects finished first.


    This is what it will look like, but to make it work for toasting I have to code it, and that will take some time to do.



  12. Thanks for your post Karerina!  I do very much appreciate your taking the time to do so.  Yes, it was accepted that these were not something that could be converted, but I am one of those types of people that does not give up easily.   :grin:


    I know you did comment Charity, but I was hoping for a bit more interest.  It does seem there are a few others interested.  



  13. Thank Lisa for your patience, and for reporting the known issues and the creators willingness to have it fixed.  I have found a few things with the package that should help make this a better creation.


    So many people can do some of the things like mesh, but they just don't know all there is to know about how the package files work.  Which can be dangerous for people's games.  


    I will try to do a cuter version too.

  14. I only had it happen once, and it was with the Aframe, and I canceled before they actually did anything with it.  I am looking at the bathtub as it does have a similar approach, to see if there isn't something different that I can do with it.


    Thanks for responding, it is good to know that there is still interest.


    LilSister I do pray you feel better.

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